Dear Windows 8 and 8.1 Users, Here are your power keys.

People with Windows 8 and 8.1 you will love all the new Hotkeys you get.

If your like me, the release of Windows 8 left SOOO MUCH to be desired. No start button, poor search results, lack of ability to start on the desktop, need I go on.

Enter Windows 8.1 with a better user interface, more intuitive search, the ability to set your computer to automatically start at the desktop and a start button, alas it still opens that huge Apps panel but remember windows 8 was geared towards tablets in its conception. 

 Thankfully there is a whole slew of shortcuts. Some can be used in place of screen gestures that you might normally use on a tablet, if you’re using a laptop.

After playing around with it a bit there becomes a more intuitive feel to everything even more so than any previous version of windows. So without further ado here is a pretty good list of the hotkeys you get in Windows 8 and 8.1

 WIN + C = Open Charms Bar

WIN + X = Invoke System Administrator

WIN + B = Show / Highlight hidden taskbar icons switch

WIN + M = Minimize All

WIN + S = Search Everywhere

WIN + D = Show Desktop

WIN + F = Search Files

WIN + H = Share Windows Screenshot

WIN + L = Lock Desktop

WIN + K = Devices Menu

WIN + Q = Search Everywhere

WIN + W = Search Settings

WIN + E = Open Windows Explorer

WIN + R = Run

WIN + T = Switch Taskbar Preview

WIN + I = Settings Menu

WIN + P = Project Menu

WIN + Arrow Left = Justify Selected Window Left

WIN + Arrow Right = Justify Selected Window Right

WIN + Arrow Up = Maximizes Selected Window

WIN + Arrow Down = Restore Selected Window -> Minimize Selected Window

Now go out and test these, the force is with you! Remember to check back in regularly for tips tricks and what’s new in your tech world

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