Your Remote Workforce and how to be safer with your business data

Now that your staff is working remotely, you don’t have as much control on what systems they are using to access your data. their wireless could be on a public signal. there is no security provisions in place “like a local firewall” to minimize these risks
You have the ability to control this and should be thinking about these 4 key security measures in order to be protecting your business data

1. multi factor authentication – this is where you will authenticate the usage of your software applications and data with a 2nd resource and confirming this is actually you (Most likely on your cell phone through applications like Authenticator, Authy or Duo
2. Advanced anti-virus and malware protection (this looks for unusual traffic patterns where someone is trying to access your data from an unknown resource)
3. Remote agent for monitoring and managing this PC – this way your employees systems are be patched, security updates are in place and have the proper antivirus installed
4. Secure VPN “Virtual Private Network” Products like the Cisco AnyConnect allows for a secure connection to your network

Its important that you know what each employee has access to, and that they are being diligent about working remotely on your network