Risk Assessments

Roland Carter of PCG discusses the basics of what’s involved in an IT risk assessment for a company.

At PCG, we run risk assessments against your organization to help find out if there are any technical vulnerabilities that may exist. This includes things like your firewall, network equipment, maybe some of the devices or software that you’re using.

The scans will show us if there’s any chance that an outside organization may be able to attempt to come into your environment or if there’s anything that’s on your network that may be able to be accessed by anyone for malicious intent.

What we’ll do is go through the process with you of asking you questions about your environment, about your organization, things that are important to you, but also looking at all of the items that are on your network currently to see what we can help shore up. During this process, you’ll be meeting with many people from our team that will help guide you through the process.

That will include some of our engineers, and some of our management, to go through the process more in-depth with you. At PCG, we definitely like to take security as seriously as we can to make sure that you are safe.