Risk Assessments & Cybersecurity (Video)

Roger Walton of PCG talks about the importance of cybersecurity and its role in a risk assessment for a company.

Business owners have become aware that IT security is increasingly critical to their business. And really the change in the ecosystem has been that cyber criminals have figured out ways of turning breaches, even of relatively small companies, into large amounts of money for them, using techniques such as ransom attacks and other similar attacks. So the reality is that no business can ignore cyber security and there are other things to think about as well.

It’s not just the value of what you have, it’s the implications to your reputation. It’s the implications if critical employee confidential information gets out and becomes public. So businesses recognize that they need to make some investment in cybersecurity, but the next question is how much investment should you make and how should you prioritize the various investments that are available to you? So we can help you there. We can help you with a small project called a risk assessment.

What we do in a risk assessment is we ask a number of questions of the business owner and the IT owner to evaluate what are the security provisions that you have in place, and what are the gaps where you should consider making some changes, improvements in policies and procedures, adding products, and so forth, going forwards.

Once we’ve done that, what we also do is we understand your business and we understand where the risks to your business are. And that way, since we already understand many of the solutions, it will position us to recommend the right mix of products and services. So you can build an appropriate defense against cyber criminals for your business and for your budget, and to provide the necessary protection to keep your business secure, going forwards.