Security (Video)

Steve Ripper of PCG discusses security, why it’s so important, and how security has changed now that cloud computing is such a large part of everyday work.

Security today is probably one of the most important topics we talk about in IT. It comes up in every discussion in every genre that we work on. Security involves the users. It involves the hardware. It involves the IT support people.

It’s a really big topic in terms of getting online with online apps and cloud-based services. It used to be back in the day we would really protect companies from the internet. We would firewall them off. We would put web filtering in. Customers and owners would come to us and say, “How do I prevent my users from doing Facebook or maybe going to different places?” But really, what we were doing, we were kind of allowing them to get to the internet but really protecting them from getting from the internet.

Now, it’s really different. Now our real role is just to get them integrated with the internet. How do they get with cloud apps? How do they talk to other services and companies in terms of certifications and requirements in order to be able to do those things to be able to do commerce with them going forward? Things like certifications, NIST, and security requirements are very important these days.

So, there’s a whole list of things that we will go through. We will do a checklist. We will follow the guidelines to be able to do whatever they need to do in terms of security, safety, password management, and things of that nature.