Remote Workforce (Video)

Dave Hodgdon of PCG talks about working remotely, some of the IT issues that arise due to this remote workforce, and what actions you should be taking.

Working remotely has been a key ingredient for many businesses for many years, but times have changed dramatically over the last three to four months here with COVID-19. Instead of one office, you have 30 offices, 50 offices, because all your employees are working from home. There are many things you need to be thinking about that per staff member.

The PC should not be a home PC as that is a risk. They have family members, kids, using that machine. It’s important that it’s a business machine being protected with the assets of your anti-virus, your security tools, your firewall.

Take a look at the wireless at the house. Is it public? Is it open to everyone that is shared, which could be a risk that the “bad actor” now has the chance of coming into that home PC to your office. That is a bad thing that can happen.

The bandwidth at the house is vital. A lot of our clients don’t have the right bandwidth to do their video, such as Teams, or Zoom, or access to cloud, or the onsite premise service.

The remote workforce is going to be here for a little while. So you need to plan that each one of your employees have the right equipment, the right resources, and they’re safe and secure to protect your assets.