Your Business Continuity Plan (Video)

Dave Hodgdon of PCG talks about business continuity including backing up your data, having a recovery plan, and your Recovery Time and Recovery Point Objectives.

Business continuity. That’s a key component to your business planning. You need a solid backup and recovery plan. There’s two key components to that.

First one is called RTO, your Recovery Time Objective. How quickly do you need your data back and running? Is it one minute? Is it four hours? Is it one day?

The next one is the Recovery Point Objective. We call it the RPO. At what point do you need to recover that data? How far do you need to go back in time? Is it one week? Is it 30 days? Is it 60 days? You might’ve lost one of your General Ledger journals in your QuickBooks and you might need to go back two or three months.

Having a business continuity plan gives your business a known outcome of when your servers can be back and running. Business has changed dramatically with the cloud recently, and a lot of these services can be spun up in the cloud. What I mean by that, instead of your local server running, we have the ability to have that server run in the cloud. Every business is different and it’s key that you think about what you need for your backup and your recovery, so you have the right solution, so your employees are up and running. Without a plan, there’s an unknown. You could be down for days. Don’t let that happen to you.