Network Admin Visits and Your Point System Engineer (Video)

Jim Allen of PCG talks about network admin visits, and how having a Point System Engineer available for visits to your site is an important part of PCG’s Managed Service Provider offerings.

Here at PCG, we can do a lot remote, and our help desk is great at that. One of the differences of PCG over other MSPs is the point system engineer that you get for your site. What that is, is someone like myself will come on-site on a regular basis, meet, get to know the leadership team, all the employees.

What are the most important parts of your IT infrastructure? What applications have to be up all the time, 24/7. We kind of prioritize things. Look to the future – what are the priority projects for you? Where do you need help thinking about what your project should be? What your budget should be? These are the things that set us apart from other MSPs.