Microsoft Azure (Video)

Roland Carter of PCG talks about moving to the cloud with Microsoft Azure, including cloud servers, backups, security, and hybrid environments.

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More and more businesses are thinking about moving to the cloud. Whether you have an increase in staff working from home, or a workforce that’s always on the go, Microsoft Azure is the perfect platform to be considering. Because Azure is completely cloud based, it can be accessed from anywhere an internet connection is available. The system can be designed for an always-on connection to your on-premise location and as-needed for remote workers.

Cloud hosted servers are gaining interest due to the always-on aspect, but also the total cost of ownership. Where your systems exist in Azure, you’ll never have to replace a bulky server due to age or performance. You’re reducing electricity consumption and freeing up investment capital to make investments where needed within your business. Azure is a monthly subscription, which means you’ll be able to better budget your IT needs over the course of the year and know that you only pay for what you need and use.

Azure is a robust system that dramatically reduces the need for extra costly backups. Microsoft has a built-in recovery model that allows a server to be restored quickly without any third-party requirements. Knowing your server is always backed up and can be restored in a short period of time is how cloud hosting gives you peace of mind.

In addition to backups, you are also working with a more secure environment with multifactor authentication controls, such as location and role-based access, and knowing the physical security is in the hands of a professional data center.

We start every Azure project with the cost calculator provided by Microsoft. This allows us to gauge the performance needs of a server while keeping the cost in mind. We’ll then ensure that the performance and cost matches the needs for your environment.

We always want to ensure that this decision meets the core needs of your business. Many different offerings are available through Azure. Hybrid environments are common where you might have a small server on-site and a more robust application server in the cloud. These scenarios help keep resources where they make the most sense. We would love the opportunity to show you just what Azure could do for you. Give us a call or request more information at