About PCG (Video)

Dave Hodgdon, founder and president of PCG, talks about PCG, the leadership team, and key differentiators that make PCG stand out among Managed Service and Security Providers.

My name is David Hodgdon. I am the Founder, President and Chief Technology Advisor here at PCG. I would like to thank you for visiting our website and for wanting to learn more about how PCG can help manage your company’s technology, networking and security needs. PCG is a mature Managed Services and Security Provider that has been in business for 26 years. We support businesses with 20 to 100 computer users in New Hampshire, Maine, and Massachusetts.

Culture and People

It all starts with the culture and people. Our average employee tenure is 11 years, with the industry average at 18 months. Our tech team is more familiar with and knowledgeable of your network. Additionally, our PCG processes and five key differentiators will give you insight into how we provide your business with optimal value and services, so you can focus on growing your business and managing your clients.

The most important value your leadership team and business can get is our VCIO process. This is a high level, strategic technology expert and advisor that will directly help your business and leverage IT to drive more business through efficiencies and employee productivity. After we realize your business goals and vision, we’ll work together to have a one-, three- and five-year technology plan and budget in place, so you understand your investment.


Our second key differentiator is security. We break this down to three sections. The first part of any security plan is based around your network infrastructure and users. We’ll install a next generation firewall to protect your business assets and allow for the remote workforce to have VPN access that is safe and secure. We will help and guide you with active directory setup and make sure that all file access and permissions are in place to protect your sensitive documents.

The second component is cyber security. We are increasingly hearing about this in the news, and it is imperative that you embrace this to reduce the threats of a cyberattack. We will run a cyber risk assessment to determine what gaps or vulnerabilities your business will need to address. This could be based on compliancy requirements for you to do business and what cybersecurity services need to be in place. Some examples of this are MFA — multifactor authentication — a password manager, security training and phishing campaigns. We will review your cyber insurance coverage, remote workforce policies, and your written information security plan to make sure that you are compliant by reducing your risk.

The third element of a security practice is the Security Operation Center, or SOC. This is where we monitor and discover any unusual activity or network traffic to shut down before you have a potential ransom attack.

24/7 Services and Offerings

Our third pillar is our amazing 24/7 services and offerings. This is a true differentiator for your business and employees to have access and support anytime, anywhere, 365 days a year. Our 24/7 high availability service plans include help desk — we guarantee user responses under five minutes for help desk requests, with an average response of two minutes. You’ll get the help when you need it and without waiting for a call back.

The second 24/7 differentiator is our network operation center. We monitor and remediate issues with your servers, workstations or infrastructure, including your firewall, switches, and wireless access points.

Our third 24/7 differentiator is our security operation center. Remediations include stopping or quarantining any suspicious process and/or removing a device from your network. Our new executives suite offering gives your key leadership and management employees direct access to our NOC and SOC. This 24/7 plan will give you peace of mind knowing your staff will get the support they need to do their work efficiently while our SOC is watching and keeping the bad actors out of your network, 24/7.

Business Continuity Services

Our fourth pillar and key differentiator is our business continuity services. This includes protecting your data and having a recovery plan in place, tested quarterly, to verify you recover in time, your business needs to have. Uptime is critical and our backup and recovery solutions will give you the needed uptime to meet your recovery time objectives. Most businesses do not back up the Microsoft 365 services, and they think it’s taken care of by Microsoft. We always recommend backing these services up to protect your email, One Drive, SharePoint and Teams files.

Professional Services

Our fifth pillar and key differentiator is our professional services. Your business will get its own dedicated engineer to manage and support your network. They become familiar with your culture and staff, and look for the efficiency gains and training requirements so your team can be more productive and have that competitive edge over the competition. We’ll provide proactive net admin visits to document and keep your network to the needed standards to support your users’ help desk requests and business environment.

You’ll also get a dedicated client success manager. They are your liaison between your company and PCG. Our client success managers will help you with orders, vendor escalations, tickets, projects, or agreement updates. Our professional service division is extremely versed and can help with your technology project requirements. We pride ourselves in our technical skill sets, project management, training, and on-time delivery of these projects. Some examples are 365 email migration, cloud migration of on-premises servers to Microsoft Azure, a new virtual server, firewall, wireless, video conferencing, wiring and more. When you invest in outsourced IT from PCG, you can expect the best possible value from any managed services and security provider. Our commitment and promise to you is to have, first, peace of mind that your company has no downtime or interruptions, so you can grow your business; second, less downtime and fewer disruptions. We identify and fix issues before they cause problems. Uptime is critical for your company’s productivity and your client’s experience with you. Third, business advice. We guide and help you to meet your business goals by leveraging IT to make more money. Fourth, predictable budgeting. All inclusive, all you can use, flat rate IT services to leverage IT to meet your business goals and make more money.

We know that selecting your next managed service provider is a tough decision. You want a company that has a proven record, has a solid onboarding plan to alleviate the stress of moving from your existing service provider, and is operationally and financially mature with processes in place.

I welcome you to come meet the PCG team and see the difference. I guarantee we will provide you the best possible value, and we will want to be your IT technology and security partner for years to come. Thanks again for taking the time to learn more about PCG.