Navigating The Remote World: Cyber Security, Cyber Insurance, Fraud and Crisis Mitigation for Your Company

As part of our “Navigating in a Remote World” series, this program on Cyber Security is a must for business owners!

With an alarming uptick in data breaches and ransomware, an increasing number of businesses have opted to add Cyber Risk Insurance to protect themselves from catastrophic loss. As the threat landscape continues to expand, many insurance companies are scrutinizing payouts by creating more claim exceptions and exclusions and banks are seeing fraud of all types that are impacting all Maine businesses.

We’ll discuss Cyber Security threats and events in the headlines—Different reasons that can drive the need for an assessment—General concerns, industry specific policy requirements, cyber insurance and banking guidelines—The phases that make up a security assessment—What to expect during the phases —The tools used to complete the assessment—What a timeline looks like—Information from reports that are generated. And we’ll here from a family-owned business about their experiences on this topic.