Managed Security

Dave Hodgdon explains how PCG stays on top of cyberthreats and uses its extensive cybersecurity experience to protect your business. Our cybersecurity services start with a risk assessment. Then, we create a security plan customized for your business’s needs, risks, and budget.

My name is Dave Hodgdon. I am one of the chief security advisors here at PCG. PCG is a mature managed security provider that’s been in business for over 26 years. I want to talk to you about PCG’s managed security platform and services.
I know security is top of mind for all of us. Security has changed the way we think about technology and how our users work daily. PCG has a dedicated security team that is constantly reviewing the industry threats, products, vendors, and services to provide our clients the most cost effective security plan to mitigate your company’s risk. We have rigorous processes in place to evaluate, test, deploy, and support these services, 24/7.
We thought IT changed fast, but security is tenfold this rate and it’s imperative that PCG stay vigilant and up to date so we can continuously update your security plan to keep what I call, these bad actors, out of your network and from wreaking havoc by locking down your data from a ransomware payoff.
The first part of any security plan is based around the network infrastructure and users. We’ll install a next generation firewall to protect your business assets and allow your remote workforce to have VPN access that is secure, easy to use. We’ll manage your firewall, switches, and wireless access points 24/7 so these are up to date and have no issues or open doors for security breaches. We will advise and manage your active directory setup. This is the most important part of the Microsoft server 365 services. It allows us to manage your users on what they can or can’t access or do while they’re on your network. We’ll make sure that all file access and permissions are in place to share and protect your sensitive documents.
Cybersecurity is our second pillar on our security stack. We hear about cyber attacks daily in the news. It is imperative that we adopt this together so that we can reduce the threats of a cyber attack on your business. We’ll run a security risk assessment to determine what gaps or vulnerabilities your business has and will need to address. We’ll give your employee a roadmap and a budget on how to best implement and mitigate your risks. Some of the requirements could be based on compliance requirements for you to do business with your vendors, clients, military, or government agencies. This will dictate what security services need to be in place. Some examples here are MFA, multi-factor authentication, password manager, business continuity plan, email encryption, computer updates, security awareness training, and phishing campaigns. We will review your cyber insurance coverage, remote workforce policies, and your written information security plan and make sure that you are staying compliant and reducing your risk.
The third lever in our security practice is our security operation center also known as a SOC. Here we monitor your network 24/7 to look for any uncommon activity or network traffic and shut it down before you have any additional risk or potential ransom attack. Most hackers aren’t working normal business hours. It’s imperative that we closely monitor these threats 24 by 7 and act quickly to stop any attack.
When you invest in outsourced security from PCG, you can expect the best possible value, processes in place, from any managed services and security provider. Our commitment and promise to you is that you’ll have peace of mind knowing that PCG has you covered with a sound security plan, has security in place for my staff that we monitor your business 24/7 to mitigate risk, to minimize downtime, and keep your users productive.
If you want to learn more about our security process and offerings and how we can enhance your company’s security plan, please contact PCG and speak with one of our security experts.