The Role of VCIO (Video)

The VCIO is one of the differentiators when you work with PCG. The VCIO gets to know your company and your goals, and they ensure that your technology is working to support your bottom line.

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My name is Dave Hodgdon. I am the founder and president here at PCG. One of the roles I like the most and embrace the most for my clients is acting as your VCIO, that stands for the Virtual Chief Information Officer. We have four of those here at PCG. I come to work every day thinking about how technology might be able to work better for your business. This role, I feel, is one of the key differentiators of PCG in terms of how it’ll impact your business and your bottom line. As we meet, we’re going to determine your business goals, your issues that you’re having, and try to tie it together with your business plan.

From there, we’re going to see how we can leverage IT. What you have in place, what might be missing and start developing the plan. I like to go about five years out. So we’re going to come up with a plan for 1, 3, and 5 years, and determine the issues that need to be addressed. Come up with a budget and determine how we’re going to implement that. If we see baby steps happening, we’re always constantly trying to prove the technology. It’s just not about spending money on the technology, but how can it impact my business? How can it improve my productivity? How can it mitigate my risks?

Some examples of projects could be a new wiring in my office, could be a moving from on premises to the Cloud or to Microsoft azure. Could be a new wireless security system. Once we understand your business, we’ll be able to help drive that IT to make you more money. I don’t want you to spend one dime on technology that you don’t understand how it’s going to help you impact your business or mitigate your risk or help you be more productive. If you can understand what that investment’s going to do, how it will help you business, how it’ll help grow your business, how it’ll mitigate the risk of your business, it’s the best thing we can do together. The VCIO role is by far the most important part of how we can help you and PCG grow together and have the roadmap, have the budget and address the issues at hand.