PCG’s 24×7 Offerings (Video)

PCG’s 24/7 help desk services provide your team the support they need regardless of the day or time, and 24/7 cybersecurity services protect your network all the time.

Dave Hodgdon: Hi, my name is Dave Hodgdon. I’m the CEO and founder of Portsmouth Computer Group. Been around for 25 plus years. The industry and market has changed dramatically over the last 25 years. The workplace is no longer typically 8:00 to 5:00. It has changed since the pandemic and more and more people need to work everywhere at any time. As PCG has evolved, we’ve really turned up our game and what’s known as our 24×7 offerings. This is giving your company the true value, the peace of mind, and the ability to support your staff whenever they need to work.

Security Options Center (SOC)

Roland Carter: Part of our 24×7 service is our SOC or Security Operations Center. The SOC is trained to work with the software and alerting we’ve deployed to your environment. Real threats come in everyday to networks and we want to know you’re protected, even after we leave the office.

Help Desk Services and Network Operations Center (NOC)

Jason Gilbert: We’re able to coordinate between our ACE help desk and our network operations center or NOC, so that if the help desk reports an issue that a user has called in about, they can escalate that to the NOC. The NOC can investigate the network side of it. They can call your ISP if there’s an ISP outage. They can remediate problems with your server up to and including anything that they can do remotely. And if they’re able to get the application back up, they’ll get back in touch with the help desk who will reach back out to you and have you test the application and make sure that things are working again.

Dave Hodgdon: Our help desk will respond to your request within two minutes. We offer true 24×7 on your key network infrastructure, your switches, your firewall. Say for example, you have an issue with Comcast, we’ll reach out to Comcast to restart the service. If your firewall needs to be restarted, we’ll help you with that, any issues with your IPS. Our team has the ability to help you 24×7. A lot of companies are starting their shifts at 6:00. You might be in a restaurant working evenings or weekends, so it’s important to have that 24×7.

Endpoint Detection and Response Systems

Roland Carter: Through endpoint detection and response systems, we’re able to catch unknown behavior in its tracks, which is then passed to our SOC for evaluation. They’ll quickly determine the importance of the unknown behavior and provide the correct response. Sometimes this is a new application to your environment and needs to be added to a white list to ensure the process doesn’t disrupt your daily workflows. In the event, it is a real security threat, this is where our SOC shines.

The systems in place are designed to lock down during a ransomware event. Any system impacted will be taken offline and secluded from any other device in the network. The alert will be provided to us instantly and we’ll be able to plan the next steps with you.

Call Support Based in North America

Jason Gilbert: One of the things that PCG was adamant about was that our clients need to be able to reach somebody that they can understand, who can understand them, and that they can just communicate with very well. After a lot of searching and research and talking with many vendors, we were able to find a vendor that’s based out of North America and working with them has been an absolute joy. They’re incredibly friendly to work with. They speak common English. They’re easy to understand and really just a great team of people. We’re thrilled to have them be part of the PCG team.

24/7 Security and Support

Dave Hodgdon: Most managed service providers offer 24×7, but it’s really the monitoring. PCG is giving you and your staff the ability to communicate with you, the ability to support you in those after hours, and the ability to give you what’s known as an executive seat. This is going to allow your users to actually speak to the Network Operations Center and the Security Operations Center. Most cyber criminals aren’t working during normal business hours. If there’s an attack, they’re typically doing it off hours. If we notice any odd behavior, we want to shut that off and vice versa work for you. If you want true 24×7, PCG has you covered – peace of mind and value.