The PCG Difference (Video)

The PCG Difference

In this video, Dave Hodgdon explains the PCG difference, and he also gives tips on choosing a managed service provider for your business. Find out how PCG stacks up to the competition.

Hi, I’m Dave Hodgdon, President and Chief Technology Advisor for PCG. I want to speak to you today regarding our key differentiators and how they will clearly separate PCG from the other MSPs.

Selecting a managed service provider is a really tough decision for your company. Many of these services are hard to differentiate and know what you’re really getting. When you really dive into what you are getting, you are not matching apples for apples. It’s really apples to oranges with PCG.

IT Expertise and Industry Experience

Not all managed services and IT providers are equal. They vary in expertise such as security, cloud offerings, support levels, depth of technical skills, tenure, processes, management and the company culture. Make sure the MSP you hire has a proven track record of client retention and knowledgeable technology and business experts specific to your industry to keep your business up and running.

Questions to Ask When Hiring an MSP

You need to be asking these 10 key questions.

  1. How many years have you been in business?
  2. What is the average tenure of your technical staff employees?
  3. How will you help our company with our IT strategy, budgeting, and roadmap?
  4. What is included in your managed security and cybersecurity offerings?
  5. Do you offer a true 24 by 7 help desk support?
  6. Can you guarantee a response time of under five minutes?
  7. How many managed clients do you have?
  8. What is your client retention percentage?
  9. Can you guarantee a complete data recovery and spin up in under one hour should there be a complete hardware failure or cyber breach?
  10. Will we get a dedicated engineer to support our network?

PCG — A True IT Partner

With PCG, you will have a true business partner that will listen and deliver on what we say we can do and meet and exceed all your expectations of a managed services and security provider. IT is complex and our team will bring all the pieces of the technology puzzle together so your team can work on its business and clients. We don’t want you to spend one dollar without knowing what it means and the value to your business.

PCG’s seven key differentiators are: First, you’ll get a dedicated engineer that will understand the culture and the environment of your business and will be able to make the needed recommendations and have confidence that this is the right investment to keep your team’s productivity and security in line.

Second, your dedicated client success manager is the key to the communications and will be the liaison between your company and our team. Your client success manager will assist with all new orders, projects, ticket escalations, and any billing questions. Both your dedicated engineer and client success manager are working together in bringing the best possible value to your company.

Third is our VCIO process, virtual chief information. Our IT strategy will review your current solution roadmap and we’ll give you a budget and roadmap that’ll help your company optimize its investment into the technologies that will move the levers from your end.

Fourth, many MSPs can do IT, but very few do it and security like PCG. We’ve been offering cybersecurity services since 2016. We are extremely mature in this place and we have a dedicated security team that focuses on the services, the tools that will best mitigate your cyber risk and protect your company’s data and reputation.

Fifth, our risk assessments will review your company’s IT security gaps and vulnerabilities and will give you a plan and budget to address these risks so you can get better cyber insurance rates, be compliant to get more business, but most of all, protect your company’s reputation.

Sixth, many MSPs offer help desk, but very few offer a true 24 by 7 help desk. PCG does, and we are proud of this and our clients appreciate having this available when needed. Our average response time is under five minutes. I challenge you to see if your current MSP or future MSP can make this guarantee.

Seventh, many MSPs struggle with consistent processes. PCG has been working diligently over the years and we have optimized many of our service deliveries based on having a specific process that measures and were able to be tracked. Our onboarding is second to none. Our team has a proven formula and our documentation process allows us to support your team right out of the gates. We always hear about how many MSPs don’t have a process for a new user PC deployment. PCG has this lockdown. We customize each company’s specific user setup form and our team’s automated process to set up your new system in-house and your onsite dedicated technical team will complete this setup onsite. Our client satisfaction survey for new PC setups are over 98%. That’s unheard of. Your employee will have an amazing experience with their new PC or notebook setup.

PCG’s team and culture has always been the cornerstone of our success, which always allows us to provide exceptional service and guidance. If you provide a work environment that allows your employees to thrive, improve on their skill sets, and advance in the company, you will have a better customer service support.

I challenge you to see if your current MSP or new perspective MSP has these key differentiators to give your business the best possible value and a dedicated team that truly cares about your people and success.