Intro to Sharepoint (Video)

In this video, Roland Carter outlines the benefits of SharePoint. He explains how this tool can enhance business workflows. Then, he talks about how PCG can help businesses implement these types of technologies.

Hi, my name is Roland Carter. I’m the director of engineering here at PCG. I want to talk to you a little bit about SharePoint.

What Is SharePoint?

So what is SharePoint? SharePoint is an online repository for data that houses company files and internal websites that may be useful for your organization. The most common use for SharePoint is to hold files.

This is a robust system that’s hosted in the cloud and can be accessed anywhere the internet is available. It is a unique collaboration tool that allows anyone with access to work on or view a document at the same time. You’re able to share documents outside of your organization in a controlled manner by only adding the exact person you wish to have the information. SharePoint also has many customization abilities that are often overlooked.

Using SharePoint in Your Business

Here at PCG, we use SharePoint as an internal knowledge base and company directory for information everyone should have available. For us, it was really important to have a centralized area where we could post information that everyone could access easily while making sure only the right people were included.

Customization includes websites that can enact workflows that email specific people when a task has been completed, custom documentation or living documents that are editable right within the page, and enhance security, which uses your on-premise active directory to ensure security policies are assigned to the right people. The abilities of SharePoint are much larger and we’re happy to help aid with any discovery.

Best Features of SharePoint

Some of the best features SharePoint Online has include the ability to view information anywhere securely. With MFA or multi-factor authentication enabled, you have cross-platform experience of editing a Word document from your desktop, reviewing the edits from your phone, and then finalizing and sending within the browser on your laptop.

The ability for smart device access to your information is wide, which gives you a better experience without needing all of the typical tools installed. Word and Excel, for example, do not need to be installed on your computer. You can access the document and edit details right within your browser. Security is key with any product that we talk about. SharePoint uses Microsoft 365’s credential system, which allows for secure identification.

Why You Need the Right Partner for IT Security

Using the right IT partner will help guide you down the path to make sure everything is configured, so not only your files, but your email and any other Microsoft product you use has been secured. Backups are another form of security we focus on. Microsoft uses a built in backup or recycle bin. This is a great feature and helps when a file goes missing or you need to revert a document.

To combat the heavy malicious hitters like ransomware, we also deploy a product that backs up Microsoft that can maintain retention capabilities. Do you need to retain your information for the past seven years and reduce downtime by having more pinpointed sources of information backed up, so you can get up and running faster?

PCG has many ways to show the power of moving your onsite files to the cloud, and we would love to help show you newer technology and how it can make you work smarter and safer.