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IT Insight: Come together with cloud computing by Microsoft Azure

The biggest challenge we face, is the lack of our ability to come together. Because of this, the technology industry has seen a major shift toward cloud computing. Defined as a […]

IT Insight: ‘Refresh’ your IT infrastructure

Staying competitive in today’s business world requires forward thinking and planning.  As your business grows, so must your network. To stay competitive and safe, to minimize your security risks, you […]

IT Insight: Network monitoring important as disruption is the new ‘normal’

The year 2020 has taught us that a business’ ability to respond will dictate their ability to survive. The work-from-anywhere model was embraced often before many companies and businesses rethought their […]

IT Insight: An IT Roadmap for 2021

While we’ve all been wishing for 2021, it’s now literally just around the corner! This pandemic has dramatically changed the IT landscape and your business needs. While many of you […]

IT Insight: Top picks for tech gift ideas this holiday

The techie in your life is probably one of the most exciting people to shop for, right?  With the holidays fast approaching, here are a few innovative gifts to consider. […]

IT Insight: Defeat network attacks with risk assessment

Within your business, the technical landscape contains numerous network security threats. New vulnerabilities are discovered and exploited every day, endangering your company’s sensitive data. Many threats go unnoticed by business […]

IT Insight: Phishing for information in business world

The practice of sending fraudulent emails, believed to be from reputable companies, can induce any untrained individual to reveal their passwords, credit card information, bank information and personal information. Fact: […]

Why Your Business Should Be Using Microsoft Teams

As we move away from the traditional 9-to-5 workplace to more flexible, remote working environments, digital collaboration is more crucial than ever to keep your team productive and engaged. While […]

PCG named one of the 10 MSP’s in the Manufacturing Industry

Manufacturing companies have gone through a complete turnaround in terms of IT. Manufacturing companies were not that heavily invested in IT three years back. Cut to today, IT is one […]

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