Why Security Training? (Video)

Steve Ripper of PCG talks about security training and why it’s an often overlooked, but critical part of your business’s cyber security. So, one of the things we get asked […]

Cyber Security Risk Assessments (Video)

Jim Allen of PCG talks about cyber security risk assessments and how they help a client to understand where they are in terms of compliance frameworks such as NIST. PCG […]

IT Insight: Network monitoring important as disruption is the new ‘normal’

The year 2020 has taught us that a business’ ability to respond will dictate their ability to survive. The work-from-anywhere model was embraced often before many companies and businesses rethought their […]

Your Business Continuity Plan (Video)

Dave Hodgdon of PCG talks about business continuity including backing up your data, having a recovery plan, and your Recovery Time and Recovery Point Objectives. Business continuity. That’s a key […]

SIEM – Security Incident and Event Management (Video)

Roger Walton of PCG talks about SIEM, Security Incident and Event Management, and its role in detection and compliance. Among the more powerful tools in the security toolbox is the […]

Supplement Your IT (Video)

Dave Hodgdon of PCG talks about supplementing your existing IT staff by outsourcing certain IT projects to an IT company like PCG. PCG is a great resource for your company […]

IT Insight: An IT Roadmap for 2021

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Moving to the Cloud with Microsoft Azure (Video)

Roland Carter of PCG talks about moving to the cloud with Microsoft Azure, including the planning process and security tools. One of the important aspects of moving to Azure is […]

SentinelOne – Endpoint Detection and Response (Video)

Roger Walton of PCG talks about Endpoint Detection and Response (EDR) and the Sentinel One tool, which detects hacks on your network. Of all the tools we have available in […]

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The techie in your life is probably one of the most exciting people to shop for, right?  With the holidays fast approaching, here are a few innovative gifts to consider. […]