IT Insight: Wireless network protection

Business notebooks are designed for longevity, productivity, and all-day use in mind. They are typically more durable than most consumer notebooks. The differences between what you may purchase at a […]

Cyber Hygiene Essentials (Video)

In this video, Steve Ripper explains PCG’s cyber hygiene essentials. He outlines the cybersecurity basics that PCG implements to protect all of its clients. Hello, my name is Steve Ripper, […]

The PCG Difference (Video)

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Managed IT Services for Manufacturing Companies (Video)

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Managed IT Services for Engineering Companies (Video)

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IT Insight: Phishing and social awareness

Phishing scams are a big business, and every organization is at risk. As scammers get more sophisticated in the way that they target your company and employees with malicious emails, […]

Managed IT Services for CPA & Accounting Firms (Video)

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IT Insight: Cyber-security and your business

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IT Insight: NH Tech Alliance Tech Women Awards announced

Now in its eighth year, the NH Tech Alliance is proud to announce the 2022 TechWomen|TechGirls Annual Award recipients.  These three women have contributed to the furtherance of STEM education […]

IT Insight: Cyber hygiene and your business

Regardless of the type or size of your business, security within organizations has become vital. Whether it is your business finances or your clients’ valuable data, a breach can have […]