About PCG (Video)

Dave Hodgdon, founder and president of PCG, talks about PCG, the leadership team, and key differentiators that make PCG stand out among Managed Service and Security Providers. My name is […]

Microsoft Azure (Video)

Roland Carter of PCG talks about moving to the cloud with Microsoft Azure, including cloud servers, backups, security, and hybrid environments. More and more businesses are thinking about moving to […]

IT Insight: Your employees – an impenetrable frontline against Cybercrime

Most cyber security incidents are caused by, or enabled by, human error, and organizations are losing millions to scammers who are targeting your untrained and uninformed employees. As cyber threats […]

IT Insight: Streamline operations with cloud computing

Technology and connectivity available to us in today’s digital workplace is largely a reflection of our traditional one. Companies are learning to adapt to new, remote environments to ensure employees […]

Cybersecurity Risk Assessments

Roger Walton from PCG, a managed services and security provider talks about the importance of cybersecurity assessments. On this Tech Tuesday episode, he talks with John Maher about the assessment […]

IT Insight: MDR-Managed Detection and Response

Growing threats to your personal and professional data are mounting worldwide. Cybersecurity threats must be monitored and responded to in real time as hackers work just as hard to develop […]

Security Compliance

On this Tech Tuesday podcast, Roger Walton talks with John Maher about security compliance. He explains how businesses can assess and improve their compliance with legislative and vendor standards. Portsmouth […]

MDR Managed Detection and Response

On this Tech Tuesday episode, Roger Walton talks with John Maher about Managed Detection and Response (MDR). He explains how MDR protects companies, and he talks about the MDR services […]

IT Insight: The benefits of 24X7 support

“Working 9 to 5” … when was the last time any of us worked those hours? Remote workforce technology has changed that forever. With the ability for employees to collaborate at […]

IT Insight: Protect your business with security reports in real time

Security information and event management (SIEM) software protects your business network from cyberattacks. A SIEM solution gathers log data from all infrastructure components in an organization—routers, switches, firewalls, servers, personal […]