IT Insight: Spam and your phone

We commonly think of Spam as it relates to an email, those pesky unwanted emails that spread virus’ to your computer or request your credit card information by scammers. But […]

IT Insight: Web-based solutions for your business

Technology. Isn’t it all modern by definition? “Modern” applications, however, are those applications that have been designed for the new millennium, the new way of doing things, the Cloud, web-based […]

Americans At Increased Risk of Hacking After Russia-Ukraine War

Following Russia’s invasion of Ukraine last week at the end of February 2022, Americans may be facing higher cyber security risks. They may be at a greater risk of being […]

Russia Sanctions-Uptick in Cyber threats

US officials tell businesses to watch for potential ransomware attacks after Biden announces Russia sanctions. PCG would recommend that your leadership team reviews your current written information security policy (WISP) […]

Spam and Scam Calls to Your Cell Phone

On this Tech Tuesday, Roland Carter talks with John Maher about spam and scam calls to your cell phone. He explains how scammers use calls to get sensitive information about […]

Azure Cloud Migration

Roland Carter from PCG sits down with John Maher to talk about the benefits of the Azure cloud. He explains who can benefit from switching to Microsoft Azure, and then, […]

IT Insight: Software as a Service improves day-to-day IT operations

If anything, the past two years have taught us how businesses can operate without interruption. From back-office procurement to manufacturing, forced digital transformation has accelerated our “work from anywhere” ability. […]

Case Study Insurance Firm in New Hampshire (Podcast)

Dave Hodgdon, founder of PCG, talks with John Maher about an insurance firm in New Hampshire that had been working with PCG for 17 or 18 years. He explains how […]

Russia Arrests Revil Ransomware Gang Responsible for High-Profile Cyber Attacks

In an unprecedented move, Russia’s Federal Security Service (FSB), the country’s principal security agency, on Friday disclosed that it arrested several members belonging to the notorious REvil ransomware gang and […]

Azure Migration Case Study — RELYCO (Podcast)

Mike Chambers from RELYCO talks with John Maher about how PCG guided his company through an Azure migration. He explains why they decided to move to the cloud, and then, […]