Cyber Security Training (YouTube Video)

In this video Steve Ripper of PCG talks about cyber security training. He explains why it’s necessary in today’s work environment and talks about what’s covered in security training. Then, […]

Wireless Solutions (YouTube Video)

Dave Hodgdon, founder of PCG, talks about wireless solutions for your business, and he explains some of the things that you need to consider, such as the number of users […]

IT Insight: NH Tech Alliance-Uniting Tech Professionals

Founded in 1983 as the New Hampshire High Tech Council, the NH Tech Alliance is 300-plus members strong, representing more than 60,000 workers. The NH Tech Alliance is a statewide […]

IT Insight: Cybersecurity vulnerabilities and your business

Every organization faces Cyber Security risks and vulnerabilities daily – many completely invisible until you receive a ransom demand or learn that your data is for sale on the dark […]

IT Insight: Protect your data with multi-factor authentication

According to recent data from Forbes, cybercrime has increased 300% since 2018 with over 15 billion breaches of stolen credentials. If thieves steal your data, your credit and bank accounts, […]

Onboarding with PCG (Video)

Dave, Jason, and Roland from PCG talk about the onboarding process, and how the discovery and documentation processes help ensure a seamless cutover from your previous Managed IT provider. Dave […]

About PCG (Video)

Dave Hodgdon, founder and president of PCG, talks about PCG, the leadership team, and key differentiators that make PCG stand out among Managed Service and Security Providers. My name is […]

Microsoft Azure (Video)

Roland Carter of PCG talks about moving to the cloud with Microsoft Azure, including cloud servers, backups, security, and hybrid environments. More and more businesses are thinking about moving to […]

IT Insight: Your employees – an impenetrable frontline against Cybercrime

Most cyber security incidents are caused by, or enabled by, human error, and organizations are losing millions to scammers who are targeting your untrained and uninformed employees. As cyber threats […]

IT Insight: Streamline operations with cloud computing

Technology and connectivity available to us in today’s digital workplace is largely a reflection of our traditional one. Companies are learning to adapt to new, remote environments to ensure employees […]