Risk Assessments & Cybersecurity (Video)

Roger Walton of PCG talks about the importance of cybersecurity and its role in a risk assessment for a company. Business owners have become aware that IT security is increasingly […]

Risk Assessments & Compliancy (Video)

Roger Walton of PCG discusses the issues of compliancy in regards to doing a risk assessment for a company. Over the last few years, IT security has grown significantly in […]

IT Insight: Phishing for information in business world

The practice of sending fraudulent emails, believed to be from reputable companies, can induce any untrained individual to reveal their passwords, credit card information, bank information and personal information. Fact: […]

IT INSIGHT: Why you should be using Microsoft Teams

Editor’s note: JoAnn Hodgdon is taking over the technology column for Seacoast Sunday following the conclusion of MJ Shoer’s Tech Talk column. In the early days of 1999, a small […]

Why Your Business Should Be Using Microsoft Teams

As we move away from the traditional 9-to-5 workplace to more flexible, remote working environments, digital collaboration is more crucial than ever to keep your team productive and engaged. While […]

On-Site vs Remote IT Support

Dave Hodgdon and Steve Ripper of PCG discuss the pros and cons of remote IT support vs on-site support. Mike:    And we’re joined this morning by Dave and Steve, and […]

Risk Assessments

Roland Carter of PCG discusses the basics of what’s involved in an IT risk assessment for a company. At PCG, we run risk assessments against your organization to help find […]

Microsoft Azure & The Cloud

Dave Hodgdon and Steve Ripper of PCG talk about Microsoft Azure and moving your company’s server to the Cloud. Dave:    Well, it is Tuesday, it is Tech Tuesday, and we’re […]

Password Security

Steve Ripper of PCG talks about password security, why it’s so important, and why employees using the same password for multiple sites is so risky. One of the important focuses […]

Risk Assessment and What It Means for Your Business

Dave Hodgdon and Steve Ripper of PCG talk about risk assessments, and why they are one of the most important parts of doing IT for your business. Mike:    Hey, it’s […]