Case Study Financial Advisor in Portsmouth, New Hampshire (Podcast)

Dave Hodgdon, founder of PCG, talks with John Maher about one of PCG’s clients. He discusses the IT support, managed services, and cyber security training PCG provides for a financial […]

Chip shortage and how it will affect our Technology planning and purchasing

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Apple wants CarPlay part of your Driving Experience

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RAM/Memory and what you need to know

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Russia biggest Cybersecurity threat to US Government

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Case Study Financial Advisor in Portland, Maine (Podcast)

Dave Hodgdon, founder of PCG, talks with John Maher about the work PCG did for a financial advisor in Maine. He explains the initial projects PCG did to improve the […]

IT Insight: Microsoft’s ‘new commerce experience for Office’

Unless you have been paying close attention, Microsoft quietly announced in August of 2022, that it would increase MS Office subscriptions with a 20% price hike for customers choosing to […]

Have you got Windows 11 yet?

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Microsoft Teams adds Webinar invites to Calendars

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