Case Study: Family Doctor’s Office in New Hampshire (Podcast)

Dave Hodgdon talks about a case study involving a family doctor’s office in New Hampshire that PCG does Managed IT and security work for. Portsmouth Computer Group · Case Study: […]

Cellular Internet Backup Service (Podcast)

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The Software as a Service Model and What It Means for Your Business (Podcast)

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IT Insight: Leverage technology within your budget with a virtual CIO

When it comes to your business IT infrastructure, is there anyone that even knows where to begin when  devising a long-term technology plan? While a compensation plan for a full-time Chief Information […]

The CIO or VCIO Role for Your Business (Podcast)

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IT Insight: HaaS and your business

Hardware as a Service, Haas, is here to stay, and it makes sense. Thanks to HaaS, the way your business procures, utilizes, and replaces your IT is about to change. […]

Hardware as a Service (Podcast)

On this episode of Tech Tuesday, Dave Hodgdon talks with John Maher about hardware as a service (HaaS). He explains how HaaS works and talks about other as a service […]

IT Insight: Learn about cybersecurity and cyber insurance at Oct. 14 webinar

Data breach: It’s not a matter of if, but when. With an alarming uptick in data breaches and ransomware this past year, an increasing number of businesses have opted to […]

The Importance of Web Based Applications for Your Business (Podcast)

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