Business Continuity & PC Security Services in Saco, ME

We, here at Portsmouth Computer Group, have had the honor of serving the city of Saco, Maine, for more than 23 years. Since we started up, we have seen this city grow even more in the past few years than many other cities in the area. Located in York County, Saco has a larger population of about 18,000, which is actually quite a bit for a city in Maine, as the populations are typically a little smaller. Saco has long-established itself as an up-and-coming town in York County, as part of the Portland-South, and Portland-Biddeford metropolitan area.


Saco is located extremely close to the water, but also relatively close to the New Hampshire border. This being said, it is very close to Portland, which is a hotspot in Maine. Saco is in the perfect location, because while it is extremely close to Portland, it is also close to Portsmouth, NH as well, which is where we are located. This city is surrounded by Biddeford, Scarborough, Buxton, Dayton and Old Orchard Beach and is quite the summer location, due to its many beaches and state parks.


One of the largest newer industries that have been popping up more often in the area is the environmentally friendly sector. There have been many wind turbines that have been developed in the area. There is also a new environmentally friendly Amtrak station, where you can travel to Portland and Boston via the Saco transportation center. One of the other places that we can find business in this city is in the growing business parks. A few years ago, there was only one, but now they are building about three more, which is where we can see more business moving into the area.

When it comes to small and medium-sized companies, this is our specialization. We have presented our complete IT and PC solutions services and assisted blossoming businesses in the past and hope to work more in the future with all sizes of companies. We provide customized IT packages to fit your company’s budget and we want to help to decrease your frustrating IT problems. By the show of our experience in the past 23 years, we have been very successful in the jobs we have done in this area. From our IT services to our live help-desk support, to our PC repair, we can supply you with a massive variety of services. We can tailor these services to the size of the company and give you the best possible professionalism and service.

The following services are offered in Saco, Maine:

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