Business Continuity

No business thrives on the unknown. A successful business is a dependable one. The security of your data and the resilience of your business are vital to your cash flow, your customers, and your future.

Natural disasters, human error, and cyber-attacks are only some of the many ways your business could experience major service disruption, and there are plenty more. The threats you face are diverse, which makes tackling them a challenge.

So, what does business continuity mean in the modern day?

In short, business continuity is about fortifying your daily operations and resisting major threats – from a variety of sources.

For a modern business, there’s little separation between IT and business continuity. If your technology goes down, so do company operations. That’s why modern business continuity focuses on data security and recovery as a defense against outages and interruptions.

Only a small percentage of businesses have confidence in their business continuity plan. Having a business continuity plan in place could be a matter of life and death for your company.

What Threats Do I Face?

Business continuity risks come from a variety of sources, from internal security threats to human error. Here’s a small selection of the threats that could strike your business without warning:


The fear of cyberattack is rampant at all levels of our society, from individuals wanting to protect their data to governments wanting to protect their vital infrastructure. If cyber-attacks can take down power grids, imagine what they can do to your business.

A cyber-attack or server malfunction could lead to a loss of client data, thus crippling your company’s ability to do its job. This year alone, cybersecurity incidents like this will cause billions in damages — and close some businesses for good.

Human Error

Even if you have the utmost trust in your team, things can still slip. Inattentiveness can be as much of a threat to your business as any hacker. Even basic human errors could have significant repercussions for your company.

Disasters and Outages

Not all continuity threats start with people. Nature can bring its own share of problems. Natural disasters can destroy your local servers, flood your premises, or cause outages that threaten your business continuity. Even an outage of local utilities can cause service interruption.

Each hour you’re offline, your business will lose money and fail to meet client expectations. Without a business continuity plan, these are all events outside your control.

Downtime is costly and we have been through it enough to know the value of high quality IT. Now we have a disaster recovery plan and a system with many points of back up. The most impressive benefit was the ability to spin-up (turn on) our servers in the cloud. This gives us peace of mind knowing that PCG has this covered. PCG has a passionate and caring team and the techs take the time to get to know our people’s needs and we really appreciate that.

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The Solution

The solution to your data security and business continuity lies in these key factors:

1. Resilience

The best-case scenario for your business is to never deal with a continuity crisis at all. If you can turn your business into a digital castle, you’ll reduce the risk of intrusion, interruption, and data loss.

Building strong resilience means deploying the right technology and strategies to catch and kill potential threats before they can become a problem. It also means having the tools you need to bounce back if you do experience service disruption.

2. Recovery

No solution is foolproof. If the worst happens and your IT systems are compromised, you need to recover and restore vital data as quickly as possible. A cyber-attack or server malfunction could lead to a loss of client data, for instance, crippling your company’s ability to do its job.

Recovery could be the difference between a minor break in service and your business shutting its doors forever. Some data losses are just too big to recover from without recovery plans.

3. Contingency

If your business suffers a massive or prolonged outage, it could cripple your operations. Your contingency plan is what will get you back on your feet. Contingency plans and interim solutions will keep your business in the game until you can restore full operations.

What Can You Do?

To hit all the above, you need a plan of attack – or defense.

That all comes down to two things: planning and strategy.

Think of your business continuity plan as a way of translating the chaos and panic of a service disruption into part of your ordered daily workflow. Instead of dealing with a problem when it arises, you deal with it in advance.

If anything does happen, you keep calm and roll out your plan. Just another bump in the road.

Of course, coming up with a robust, all-encompassing data security and continuity plan isn’t as easy as it sounds. There are a lot of angles to consider. You’ll need expert advice to factor in all the threats to your business, build a strategy, and deploy countermeasures.

That Sounds Great! What Next?

If you’re the kind of business that respects itself and its customers, then you’re probably wondering who you can turn to for help.

That’s where PCG’s Customized Business Continuity Plan comes in. With our plan, you can access your data 24/7 and build resilience into your business. Our plan will help you resist threats to business continuity and restore operations after a service interruption.

Among other things, we offer:

  • Redundant data storage
  • Automated back-ups — local and remote
  • Encrypted data tools
  • Recovery time objectives

We work hard to ensure you’ll always have access to your vital files and client data, and we’ll work with you to create a plan that suits you and your business continuity needs. We understand that continuity and data security are never a one-size-fits-all situation.

We plan for the unexpected. Contact us today to take preventative measures or call us on 603-431-4121. Safeguard your data and your business with PCG!