Backup and Recovery Solutions

Backup and Recovery Solutions

Backup and Recovery Services to Meet Your Needs

No matter what industry you are in, you have data that is essential to running your business. But did you know that your data could be at risk? Hardware failures, hackers and security threats, natural disasters, or plain old user error could potentially cause a disruptive incident that could lead you to lose important data for your business. It is absolutely critical to your business to be prepared and protected in the case of any unexpected event that causes partial or complete data loss. Portsmouth Computer Group can be your business continuity resource with our data backup and recovery services that will keep your business up and running in any unforeseen circumstance.

PCG Business Continuity Plans Ensure Your Business is Protected From The Unexpected

At Portsmouth Computer Group, we cannot stress this enough: data backup and recovery is the most important service you can sign up for to protect your business from unnecessary risk. Just as you would not want drive a car without auto insurance, we strongly recommend that your business establishes a reliable and comprehensive business continuity plan. Portsmouth Computer Group specializes in all-encompassing data backup and system recovery services. We use the industry’s leading solution that creates images of all of your servers (Application Server, Domain Controller, File Server, Exchange Server, Terminal Server, and any other servers included in your architecture), and we store these images on our protected servers off-site so that you will always be able to quickly and efficiently recover your data in the event of a disruptive incident.

Reliable Protection for Businesses Across New Hampshire and New England

With data backup and recovery services with PCG, your business will be protected from unnecessary risk. Here’s how:

  • Protection from unexpected issues – They happen to everyone, and they can happen at any time. Take preventative measures today.
  • Security Safeguards to defend your business – PCG uses advanced techniques to protects your data, network, and systems from hacking or virus threats, letting you focus on running your business.
  • Recovery Time Objectives – If your network does go down and data is lost, Portsmouth Computer Group will efficiently get you back up and running, losing minimal productivity.

Custom-Tailored, Cost-Effective Plans That Meets Your Needs For Your Business

Regardless of your business size, you need dependable data backup and recovery. Your plan will take into account the following:

  • Recovery Time Objective (RTO) – What is your company’s time objective to recovery? In the case of a disruptive event, do you need to recover that data within 15 minutes, 1 hour, 4 hours, 1 day, or 3-5 days without significant impact on your business objectives? Every business is different, and our solutions will custom-tailor our RTO to meet your time requirements.
  • Recovery Point Objective (RPO) – At what point in time and under what circumstances will you need to recover? We will design your data retention policy and storage requirements to meet your data retention needs.
  • Business Continuity – Does your business currently have a comprehensive Business Continuity Plan in place? We can help you design and execute this plan to make sure that you experience minimal interruptions during disruptive events.
  • Data Recovery – Do you currently have the ability to recover your data in the event of catastrophic system failures and data loss?
  • 24/7 Accessibility – Are your users at full productivity with 24/7 access to your server?
  • Security Encryption – Is your data encrypted and protected from being read by external intruders?

We can help you answer all these questions and help tailor a cost-effective plan to precisely meet your needs.

PCG offers 2 plans to meet your needs and uptime data requirements

  • Instant Spin-up in the Cloud – This service allows your company to have your servers and data available immediately in the Cloud
  • IaaS
  • Cloud Storage (also known as “Cold storage”) -This service keeps all your data in the cloud for recover to your equipment on-premise
  • BaaS

Contact PCG today to establish a business continuity plan to protect your business by calling 603-431-4121 or by filling out a contact form on this page.

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