Business IT Support & PC Services in Amesbury, MA

Portsmouth Computer Group is pleased to serve the town of Amesbury, Massachusetts since 1996. With a mid-sized population of over 16,000, Amesbury has been revolutionary to the area since the milling ages. It has established itself as an up-and-coming town in Essex County, making up a bit of the North East region of Massachusetts.

Amesbury is relatively close to the New Hampshire border, and in fact, half of the border of the town is made up of New Hampshire. It is both close to Boston as well as Portsmouth and act as the perfect mid-way point between the two. This town is mostly residential with a sprinkling of local business thrown into the mix. Because of this, many people live in the town so that they can commute. While it is the perfect commuter town, its beauty is incomprehensible. Located on the left bank of the Merrimack River, the town is bordered by Newburyport as well as West Newbury and is located upstream from Salisbury.

The housing market is the largest industry in Amesbury, due to the many people looking to live in this area, however, production services also help to make up the most popular industries in the area.

When it comes to small and medium-sized companies, our specialization is presenting our complete IT and PC services and assisting blossoming businesses. We have done this for many years and hope to work more in the future with all sizes of companies. We have had 23 years in this field and have been very successful, especially with the jobs that have been done in this specific area. From our IT services, to our live help-desk support, to our PC repair, we have the ability to supply you with a large variety of services. We can provide customized IT packages to fit your company’s budget and help to decrease your frustrating IT problems.

The following services are offered in Amesbury, Massachusetts:

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