Case Study of a Medical Developer and Manufacturer in NH

This is a case study of the work PCG did with a medical developer and manufacturer in New Hampshire. You can see how PCG developed an understanding of the client’s tech needs and how PCG’s services helped the client to scale when the COVID pandemic created a significant increase in demand for their product.

The Client: Medical developer and manufacturer in New Hampshire with 45 employees and 31 PC users

The Challenge: They were dissatisfied with their current managed service provider (MSP) and they were facing a 30 to 40% increase in demand for their product

The Solution: PCG customized a managed services plan and a VCIO strategy to move the company forward, and PCG created a scalable IT environment that was easily able to handle the increase in demand.


This client approached the PCG team because they were dissatisfied with their current MSP.

We offered a free network assessment and talked with them in plain English about their concerns with their current MSP. While meeting with the client, we identified the following four challenges and solutions:

IT Planning and Budgeting

The client’s current MSP was dealing with everything in an ad hoc manner, and the client felt like there wasn’t a budget or a plan for IT upgrades. We provide Virtual Chief Information Officer (VCIO) services that give our clients guidance on the steps they need to move forward, and we regularly sit down with leadership for IT strategy reviews.

Lack of Consistency in Documentation

PC users were dealing with a lot of redundancy when they needed IT support, and when they put in a ticket, they were often guided through troubleshooting steps they had completed with a previous tech. We have a very effective documentation process that eliminates this risk. When our technicians help, they know exactly what has already been done.

Excessive Tech Turnover

The client’s current MSP was sending different techs all the time. They didn’t know the network, and they weren’t able to provide consistent, high-quality support. We provided an on-site engineer who took command of the network and developed a deep understanding of the unique needs of this company.

Slow Response Times

Finally, the client was struggling with slow response times from its current MSP. We have a ticketing and response process that eliminates this issue, and we also provide each of our clients with a dedicated client success manager to act as a liaison between their staff and our team to help with help tickets, escalations, IT requirements, and vendor support.

After we met with the client, they saw what differentiated us from the competition, and in 2017, they hired us to be their managed IT service provider.


When the PCG team onboards a new client, we observe their processes for 60 to 90 days. We want to look at how they handle tech issues, get to know their network, and develop an understanding of their unique challenges. Then, we sit down for a virtual chief information officer (VCIO)/IT strategy meeting.

During the VCIO meeting, we talked about the following issues:

  • Messy wiring — The client’s wiring and network closet was a mess, making troubleshooting impossible.
  • Lack of documentation — The documentation process was full of redundancies and slowing down productivity.
  • Unorganized PC setup process — All of the PCs were set up differently and there were no common processes in place.
  • Cybersecurity vulnerabilities — The client needed to improve its security to protect its network.

To improve their infrastructure, we went in on the weekends so that their network was never down during the work week. Then, we ripped out the existing wiring and installed new racks, hatch panels, wiring, test, and tone. Now, the client has a well organized network infrastructure that’s easier to manage. As explained above, we also implemented our documentation system.

Then, we customized our PC user blueprint to help them standardize the PC setup process for new hires. This includes looking at file and permission requirements, necessary applications, licensing requirements, 365 subscriptions, printer and scanner connections, remote accessibility, and training needs.

We created a custom form that asks new users about each of these elements, and now, when the client hires a new employee, they can simply hand them the form and move confidently in the right direction. This standardized process allows the client to quickly onboard new PC users, and it improves new hire’s first impressions of the company and shows them that the business cares about their success.

We also performed a cybersecurity assessment to look at the client’s gaps and vulnerabilities, and then, we put in our cyber security stack to mitigate the risks. We added a new firewall along with Intrusion Prevention System (IPS) and Advanced Malware Protection (AMP) services. We also implemented end-point detection response (EDR) and multi-factor authentication (MFA).


After hiring PCG to be their new managed service provider in 2017, this company experienced the following benefits:

  • Improved security posture
  • VCIO role for vision, IT planning, budgeting, and advisory council
  • Scaleable IT services

We also helped the client weather new challenges. In particular, when the COVID pandemic forced the client to send PC users home, we customized security and support services for their remote workforce.

The client also needed help when they stopped leasing out space to other tenants in their building. At that point, we performed a wiring/wireless assessment and brought these three suites back into the main building/network and cleaned up the wiring.

Thanks to their relationship with us, the client was easily able to scale up and handle a 30 to 40% increase in sales during the COVID pandemic, and we are ready to help them through whatever transition they face next.

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