Case Study: PCG’s Managed IT Services for a Legal Office in Portsmouth NH

Due to the private nature of some of these details, the client’s name has been omitted, but this case study looks at how PCG’s managed IT services helped a legal office in New Hampshire improve their network and security. The company has 12 employees, and prior to hiring PCG, they had been working with their existing managed service provider (MSP) for over a decade.

Background Issues

The legal office was struggling with their current MSP. Due to their long history with that company, they were hesitant to change providers, but they had several concerns that they just kept dealing with. During our initial call, we flushed out some of these concerns. They wanted faster response times and better guidance, better documentation, dedicated engineer, and they were also worried about security issues. The PCG team assured them that we could address all these issues.


As we do with all new clients, we started with a network audit. This is essentially an analysis of the architecture of the network. We sent in one of our engineers to look at the network’s hardware, firewalls, switches, wireless capabilities, and performance. We also assessed the company’s line of business applications, backup and recovery processes, and vendor info.

Basically, we looked at how the company’s network was performing to make sure it was meeting user requirements and to identify areas for improvement. We wanted to make sure the network was set up to safeguard business continuity and support remote workers safely and efficiently.

Then, we ran a preliminary risk assessment. We wanted to ensure the legal company was in good shape from a cybersecurity standpoint and verify that there were no major gaps or vulnerabilities.


Based on what we found while assessing the company’s network, wireless, and cybersecurity risks, we developed a custom service plan to replace their current MSP. We also provided them with references from other legal firms we had worked with in the past. Based on our ideas and experience, the company decided to transition from their current MSP to PCG.

One of our first projects was improving the company’s wireless network. The access points were in the basement of an old three-story building, and that position was compromising wireless accessibility, so we did a wireless assessment and determine where the access points were needed. We ran wires to these locations and installed access points to the first and second floors to improve the public and private wireless needs of the firm.

We also set up a help desk and showed staff how to access help during the day and in the off-hours.

To improve security, we held lunch-and-learn sessions with the legal company’s employees, and we plan to continue those training sessions at least once a year. We added our Security Awareness Services (Phishing Campaigns) to keep the users aware and educated on these malicious phishing attempts.

Finally, we created a roadmap and a budget to help guide the company’s IT planning into the future. For instance, we knew the company had an outdated firewall, dated access points, weak backup disaster recovery (BDR), and aging PCs so we created a plan for upgrading this equipment.

We also scheduled an IT strategy review (ITSR) meeting for two months after we onboarded them. We typically hold the ITSR (also known as the VCIO meeting) 2 times a year. That timing ensures that we understand as much as possible about the client’s current IT environment, their IT needs, and their challenges. We then can help them build out a Technology plan that will give them a roadmap, timeline, and budget.


One of the reasons this legal company decided to switch to PCG was because of our onboarding blueprints. We have a detailed process that we go through when taking over for another MSP, and that provides the client with the reassurance that we will get as much information from the other MSP as possible to ensure the transition is seamless. They also appreciated our PC setup process and our security expertise.

On-Site Engineer and Client Success Manager

After successfully onboarding this company, we provided them with a dedicated on-site network engineer who makes quarterly visits. We also connected them with a client success manager who talks with the point of contact at their firm quarterly. At the time of writing, we have worked with this company for a 3 plus years, and they say they are ecstatic with our services.

Partner of Record on MS 365

We became the company’s Partner of Record (POR) for Microsoft 365 and ensured that they were using this software correctly and safely. For instance, we turned on multi-factor authentication (MFA) and made sure the company was encrypting all the emails it was sending.

Cybersecurity Improvements

We also worked to resolve the critical issues and concerns uncovered during the security assessment. In addition to security awareness training for the staff, this also included securing firewalls, creating a mobile device plan, drafting a strong password policy, and locking down the backup.

Support for Remote Workers

The company had employees who worked remotely in Florida and other parts of New Hampshire, and we took steps to ensure they were using MS Teams correctly, had access to a virtual private network (VPN), and were able to connect to the office securely.

IT Strategy Reviews

We continue to have ITSR meetings with this client on a regular basis. During these meetings, we talk with the company’s owners about the business’s goals and the technology they need to reach those goals.

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