Microsoft 365

Managed 365 you can rely on!

Are you looking for a reliable Microsoft 365 partner that can not only manage, but keep you secure and backed up so your team can always be collaborating with your staff and clients? PCG-IT has the answer with advanced business Email, Teams, One drive and SharePoint services.

PCG does not just sell the Microsoft 365 license. We provide our 365 experience, expertise, Intellectual property, processes, and competencies to address your company’s productivity, security, collaboration and make sure things are always running smoothly. Because at the end of the day you are not just buying a license, you are investing in a tool and services that allow your company to be more productive, secure and have a competitive advantage in their marketspace.

  • Set up the right Microsoft 365 licenses for your employees and company
  • Bundle other Microsoft licenses or third-party licenses for security, backup, and management
  • Apply our specialized set up process to ensure all the right options are enabled
  • Monitor the Microsoft 365 tenant daily for login alerts or problems
  • Assess licenses regularly to make sure you are using everything you purchased
  • Set up users with the existing standards and checklist
  • Remove users following a thorough checklist
  • Monitor MFA compliance and access to the tenant
  • Document everything for client review
  • Provide the client adoption and usage reports without them learning how to navigate the Microsoft admin portal
  • Provide additional training for end-users so they can make the most of the 365 features
  • Help you deploy Microsoft 365 to your other workstations and mobile devices
  • Help clients diagnose problems when documents don’t sync, or email doesn’t work
  • Schedule Security checks of your Microsoft 365 environment, and Cyber Security Training

PCG IT provides Managed 365 and Office for businesses in NH, Maine, and Massachusetts.

By working with PCG for your Email and GoDaddy for our Web hosting PCG IT offers Email, Domain Name, DNS and Web solutions that can:

  • Simplify communication – Using Microsoft 365’s email hosting, you will be able to quickly communicate with employees and customers.
  • Streamline business – By going with PCG IT you will have one point of contact for all of your Microsoft 365 needs. This means you will have more time to focus on running your business.
  • Save you money – With solutions that are affordable and tailored to meet your budget and needs.
  • Connect with you customers in new ways – Through Teams, SharePoint, Phone applications, and more.

Justin Gamester of Piscataqua Landscaping
talks about using Microsoft 365

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Working in a strategic partnership with industry leading email solutions, PCG IT not only offers top-notch Web and Email Hosting, but convenience. We act as your main point of contact, and if there is a problem, all you have to do is call us. We’ll take care of the rest.

If you are looking to get more out of your Microsoft 365 investment, we have the services and solutions for you. Contact us today to 603-431-4121 or fill out our contact form to see how we can make things easier for you.