Covid-19 IT Plan

With the Covid-19 Coronavirus outbreak, your company’s
IT requirements have dramatically changed!

Does your staff have the ability to perform all their job functions from home?
Your business must be proactive to enable your employees to work remotely!

Your COVID-19 IT Plan

Things you need to be thinking about for remote access

  • Don’t let them use their home PC – this is a huge security risk!!
  • Do they have a suitable internet connection to access your systems reliably?
  • Do they have access to all your line of business applications they need to do their job?
  • Do they have the appropriate remote access software licensing and know how to use it?
  • Can your current Firewall and network support your remote workforce?

How will your employees work remotely and communicate with your clients, vendors and each other? Communications and your Phones are Critical to your business.

Phone action items to be thinking about

  • Are your remote users’ setup with softphones? VOIP phones or using your cell phones with the Find me follow me feature?
  • Have you thought about your call routing and how this will work?
  • Have you setup your ring groups so your business can help your clients in real time?
  • Is your business set up with multi-factor authentication?

How will your employees collaborate and stay in touch with your clients, vendors and each other?

Team collaboration is top of mind now

  • Is your staff setup with Microsoft 365 Teams, Zoom or Go To meeting?
  • This way, your team can work together and see each other without social distancing!
  • Setup video conference which keeps you in touch with your key clients

Is your company’s Business Continuity plan up to date? Now is the best time to work on this because you’re in a new territory with the Covid19 Coronavirus epidemic. How well does your company document its processes for it’s business so all your employees have access to this data?

Company Documentation is King

  • Is your business documentation all in one place?
    • Is it secure and setup to allow your staff to access with the right permissions?
    • How is this audited?
  • Have you reviewed your Business Continuity plan?
    • What is your backup plan if the server fails?

PCG has 24+ years’ experience and is the areas premiere Managed Service provider. Let us help your team build a rock-solid business continuity plan to protect your company’s assets and information.

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