IT Network Support & Data Storage Services in Newmarket, NH

Located in the northern Rockingham County, Newmarket is home to residents who are students and employees at the nearby University of New Hampshire. Known historically for its mills, Newmarket’s downtown area has been transforming over the past couple of years. A revitalizing scene, there are now shopping options, dining, and an eclectic mix of music preferences in the town. Old mills have been transformed into condominiums and restaurants making Newmarket appear more present.

The Portsmouth Computer Group, PCG, is a short twenty minute drive from Newmarket to our Dover location for all of your technological needs. Whether you are on your way to class or work, our locations are strategically situated in easy to access areas for traveling convenience.

For someone who is consistently utilizing their computer for work and school, having backup and recovery options is vital for your future online endeavors. There is data stored in your computer that is vital and it could potentially be at risk. The possibility of losing any of that information could be detrimental. PCG can be your resource for backing up data as well as extending out recovery services during unanticipated events. You could own a business or be a student working toward a degree, and PCG ensures reliable protection from unnecessary risks.

Newmarket is growing in popularity with a younger crowd of college students taking residency. Living off-campus leaves you further from IT/Services which can be a long wait or hassle to even meet with a specialists. The professionals at PCG offer over the phone assistance for your convenience and can openly schedule visits. Contact us today for more information on our services and work we do to help you stay on track with your computers and software.