Intrusion Detection

Reduce Threats in Real-Time

Get complete visibility and start eliminating threats to your networks, applications and infrastructure in minutes.

The Challenge

As the attack surface and threats evolve, enterprises are losing visibility and control over their networks and lack the intelligence to detect and minimize risks.

Using legacy systems to secure complex networks and maintain regulatory compliance often results in siloed security solutions that are inefficient at best.

Security stakeholders waste time chasing vendors and false positives while threats make their way in and penalties for breaches reach record numbers.

The Solution

beSECURE has evolved to meet the challenges of new technologies and security threats. With our new XDR solution, users can identify and monitor assets, detect and prioritize threats, and instantly respond to risks – all from a single console.

The automated platform from Beyond Security gives enterprises complete visibility across their networks and all connected endpoints including IT, IoT and BYOD assets.

Using both lightweight agents and agentless scanning, businesses can automatically discover and assess all enterprise assets for vulnerabilities, compliance risks and security misconfigurations.

From managed to unmanaged devices to air gapped assets and complex networks, beSECURE XDR delivers accurate, contextualized threat intelligence and targeted response in real-time – reducing the time spent chasing false positives and responding to threats.

How Do You Benefit?

Discover and Map Assets

  • Identify & authenticate all devices
  • Map all IT, IoT & BYOD assets
  • Classify assets & assess risk
  • Integrate identity & asset management

Identify and Prioritize Threats

  • Scan for over 100,000 vulnerabilities
  • Detect threats with 99.9% accuracy
  • Find issues via CVEs & CIS benchmarks
  • Prioritize risks by context & CVSS score

Monitor Network Assets

  • Continuously monitor entire network
  • Detect anomalous network behavior
  • Audit & track configuration changes
  • Reveal security policy violations

Remediate and Report

  • Get real-time actionable alerts
  • Gain insights from CVE database
  • Leverage data from threat intel feeds
  • Log security events by severity

Streamline Compliance

  • Get a quarterly PCI ASV scan
  • Generate compliance reports
  • Receive Pass/Fail & CVSS scoring
  • Unify security & compliance assessment

Complete Visibility

Eliminate blind spots with real-time visibility across heterogeneous networks – including IT, OT and remote work environments.

Quickly classify both known and unknown assets and take control of infected or suspicious devices with post scan integrations such as NAC, NGFW and IDS/IPS tools.

Accurate Detection

Accurately detect common vulnerabilities, misconfigurations and anomalous activity in your networks and web applications with 0.001 false positives.

Get real-time threat alerts based on current benchmarks and analysis of over 100,000 vulnerabilities and intel from our proprietary security portal.

Efficient Remediation

Prioritize remediation efforts with contextualized reports on compromised assets and the most critical risks affecting your organization.

Continuously monitor your entire infrastructure from a single pane of glass and mitigate threats from rogue devices, unmanaged endpoints and high-risk vulnerabilities based on CVSS scoring, CIS benchmarks and criteria you define.

Contextualized Reporting

Save time with automated email reports and live dashboards that offer real-time threat assessments.

Receive customized reports including quick risk assessments, vulnerability alerts, compliance reminders and in depth analysis of your overall security posture.

Easily access all reports, including differential reporting, on the web or by exported data, in HTML, PDF, CSV, JSON and XML

How Do You Benefit?


  • Device & host collections
  • Asset management & tagging
  • Converged IT & OT security


  • Threat detection & management
  • Active & agent scanning
  • Configuration assessment
  • Certificate assessment
  • Patch detection
  • Network traffic analysis
  • Unified network & web app scanning
  • Mobile security testing


  • Prioritized threat intelligence
  • Real-time threat alerts
  • Customized, actionable reports
  • Live, customizable dashboards
  • Baseline reporting & scorecarding
  • *Continuous monitoring
  • *Automated endpoint quarantine


  • Certified PCI ASV scanning
  • Policy assessment
  • Integrated security & compliance
  • Out-of-the-box compliance reports


  • MSP/MSSP friendly buying options
  • Multi-tenant environment
  • White labeling & co-branding
  • Flexible, lightweight RESTful API
  • Simple set-up & 24/7 support
  • Scalable pay-as-you-go plans

*Available with third-party integrations



  • Available in a variety of form factors
  • Cloud, SaaS & web-based deployment
  • Custom configuration for business needs
  • Integrates with PAM, SIEM, NAC & more


  • Browser: Chrome, Edge, Firefox
  • System: Mac, Linux, Windows
  • Hardware: Intel i7, 16 GB RAM, 50 GB free
  • Cloud: 8vCPU, 16 GB RAM, 40 GB free