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Our ClicknFix Technicians are available for all of your computer repairs, upgrades or other technology needs for your home and business. Whether you have a PC, Notebook, Network, or MAC our 25+ years business experience will assure you that we have you covered with the best skilled technicians and customer service representatives period! ClicknFix is powered by the business network experts at Portsmouth Computer Group. Being able to repair right when you need it will save you time and energy, and make for a more efficient allocation towards work. This service will save you money over time, as there will be less downtime if something happens. With this service, you will absolutely be getting what you pay for, in that money, time and energy will be saved in the long run.

ClicknFix is an authorized service/warranty provider for Hewlett Packard, we can efficiently and professionally handle almost any computer-related repair need, whether the item is under warranty or not.

Call (603)-431-4121 to schedule your service call on-site, in-house or remotely


ClicknFix / Home

Is your PC running slow? Our ClicknFix experts will speed it up in no time. What our ClicknFix Expert will do for you

  • Temporary files, start up files, and Registry clean up
  • Review software that may slow down your PC
  • Defrag your PC
  • Checking Windows updates
  • Reviewing anti-spyware and anti-virus definitions
  • Remove Malware/Spyware which brings your system to a crawl
  • Remove pop-ups or threats that can affect the integrity of your system
ClicknFix / Home

PCG’s Senior Technician
Matt Kinley /Dover Store

Our ClicknFix Experts will do a site survey at your home or business and recommend and setup the right wireless network for your needs and get you the access in the areas you need

  • Surf the Web and check email from any room in your home. Send documents and photos to a printer without connecting cables.
  • Confirm the security needed with proper passwords so you can protect your assets
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We want to verify you have your network, files and personal assets protected. There are many levels of security and we want to make sure you understands your options and put in the best security system to meet your personal and or business needs. Call our Cnf experts to learn what is best for you

  • Do you need remote access to your files?
  • Do you want to protect your files from any outside hackers or threats?
  • Is your wireless network secure?
  • Want to protect your business and/or family from internet threats and unsafe web sites
ClicknFix / Home
  • Physically set up your computer system, including the monitor, keyboard, mouse, speakers and printer
  • Organize wires and cables with cable ties and wire molding as needed
  • Install software applications as needed (Client need to provide CD’s)
  • Install any peripherals as needed
  • Configure your new computer to access your existing Internet account and e-mail account
  • Test your computer to make sure it is functioning properly
  • Back up or transfer your computer data to another medium (DVD, USB hard drive, network-attached storage or another computer) and Import the data into an installed program or location
  • Remove any boxes and old equipment and environmentally recycle if for you
  • Software Install

Install Services

  • We will install and/or repair, configure and update the software you need and add convenient desktop
  • Start menu and quick launch bar shortcuts for quick and easy access
  • Perform necessary software updates (Windows, Adobe, Java, etc.)
  • Importing existing data into the application if upgrading
  • Create desktop, start menu and quick launch bar access shortcuts
  • Printer setup/drivers, Network with other computers in the house
ClicknFix / Home

We believe in safe computing and will recommend the right products for your family so they can have a safe and enjoyable pc experience

  • We have various solutions that will allow you to block website, monitor your children’s keystrokes
  • We can install Wireless video cameras so you can check-in with your kids and babysitter as needed
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Five Minute Phone Conference with a ClicknFix expert – Free!!

  • Having an issue with your computer and want to know if we can fix it?
  • What version of Windows 7 is right for you?
  • Is it worth fixing my system or consider replacing it (Cost of ownership)
  • How can we network our house and share resources?

If you have any of these questions or others, please call us for a complementary 5 minute consultation

Partners & Certifications

Our ClicknFix Techs can give you the basic training on your PC and related topics so you can enjoy your PC Experience

  • Teach you how to navigate your desktop and Operating System (XP or Windows 7)
  • Review of functionality like manipulating windows, connecting devices and common keyboard shortcuts
  • Introduction to web browser basics, shortcuts and favorites
  • Email and PDA integration with your internet provider
  • Overview of MS Office

You depend on your computer for a lot of things, from storing files, pictures and family videos to doing your taxes or managing your business. We know your machine holds a lot of precious and critical information. What happens when one day you find yourself in a technological crisis, with a bright blue screen or a frozen system? Don’t let your PC get to this situation. That’s where ClicknFix comes in. We want to make sure you the right backup solution in place so you won’t have to resort to data recovery which can become cost prohibitive.

  • Bring your PC or Notebook to our office and one of our experts will do a basic checkup to ensure that your data actually CAN be retrieved
  • We have relationships with the best data recovery company’s in the world. They will do an assessment and let us know what they can recover and the costs associated to this service.
  • There will be a onetime assessment fee to get this process started.
  • Whether you just accidentally renamed or misplaced a document or your hard drive is suffering from a complete and utter failure, our ClicknFix experts can help

ClicknFix offers rental Notebooks so you can check email and do the work needed during this period.