Hardware as a Service

Hardware as a Service, also known as HaaS, helps businesses get Firewalls, Servers, Wireless, Workstations, Notebooks, Backup Servers, Infrastructure, VoIP/Phones and other equipment without a large upfront investment.

With our HaaS solution you can get new or upgraded equipment by paying a small monthly fee, and you never have to worry about maintenance, upgrades or downtime. Plus, we’ll deliver it directly to your office and install it, stress free.

If you are looking to transform your IT systems, but don’t have the budget for it, we can reduce overhead with IT as an operating expense versus a capital expense.

With rapidly changing technology, if you don’t stay current, you might experience security flaws, performance issues on your hardware, or trouble with support. Regularly upgraded and maintained networks have many less issues.

We take care of all your hardware, software, and IT services. With our proactive monitoring we identify issues before they cause you downtime. A scalable service model, increased security with less disruptions and a robust, sustainable IT infrastructure are within your reach.

How Is HaaS Helpful for Companies Without Internal IT Teams?

With HaaS, you can put the pressure back on your IT provider, your MSP. We’re constantly evaluating what the best products are because we service what we install. If it fails on us, we are responsible to fix it.

What Types of Hardware Are Used in HaaS?

Here are a few of the things deployed through HaaS:

  • Firewall as a Service (FaaS)
  • Device as a Service such as notebooks, PC’s, phones & tablets (DaaS)
  • Infrastructure as a Service (IaaS)
    Printers (PaaS)
  • Backup /BDR as a service (BaaS)
  • Wireless as a Service (WaaS)
  • Voice as a Service (VaaS)

There is no need to own all these IT assets when you can now acquire them as a service.

Is HaaS a fit for your busines?

It comes back to technology planning.

Ask yourself, what assets are aging or at the end of their life? Where am I noticing some performance or reliability issues? What expansion or acquisitions can my current infrastructure support?

Often, an IT solution was not in the budget. So, instead of a Capital Expense you can run this as an Operating Expense.

According to ZDNet, 20% of companies are affected by ransomware. When your hardware isn’t well maintained, you’re more vulnerable for attacks. By having better equipment and standards in place, you’re improving your security posture.

What HaaS Solutions Does PCG Offer to Clients?

We partner with many major manufacturers that provide a wide array of services. Below are just a few of our partnerships:

  • Meraki by Cisco for Firewall, wireless as a Service or Infrastructure as a Service
  • HP for Servers, Virtual; Servers and Backup
  • Ubiquiti for Wireless or Security Cameras
  • MS Teams for a VOP Solution
  • HP, Lenovo of Microsoft for Notebook/Tablets



HaaS  vs Purchased Hardware

Prices are increasing dramatically with everything, not just IT.  More businesses are looking to own less “things”, especially those which become quickly obsolete and unsupported like servers, firewalls, phones, computers, and other devices.

With hardware as a service, you enjoy a wealth of benefits from staying current with the latest technologies, all while balancing your cash flow.

Whatever your network needs, call PCG at 603-431-4121 to learn more.