Guaranteed Coverage and Security for your Business Operations

Companies are relying more and more on wireless solutions for their business. We want your team to be nimble, and have access to to your network whenever and wherever in your office.

Our wireless experts will design, plan and deploy wireless solutions that will give your business the coverage you need. Our Wireless Assessment tool that will give us an exact layout and location of each access point to meet your private and public wireless needs. We will show you this heat map so you will understand what is needed to have a successful implementation. Our Wireless solutions are very scalable so we don’t have to have a wireless access point in all areas of your building to start. This can be planned out to meet budget and your immediate needs to start.

Wireless is needs for all kinds of business case needs and employee requirements. More and more device and equipment needs or support wireless.

PCG offers and supports both the Cisco Meraki and Ubiquiti Solutions, Both these solutions allow PCG to manage and troubleshoot your wireless access points through their cloud console.

Our wireless expert will work with you team and vendor to verify we have the right coverage and security in place to access the needed equipment.

It is important to setup both a private and wireless signal and have the right policies in place for usage. One example of a policy is to never allow Cell phones to be on the private wireless signal. This is a huge risk to your business as these phones are one of the biggest culprits to bring in a breach.

The key to a successful solution is to have the right wireless access points in the right location to get need the needed coverage for your team and equipment. Our wiring team will install the wiring and the needed hardware in order for you to have a reliable, fast and secure wireless network that is managed and supported.

PCG is local, knowledgeable, responsive, and reliable

We appreciate all the help we’ve received from PCG over the years in converting, installing, fixing, and fine-tuning our network. We can now concentrate on the work we do best …knowing our network needs are being monitored and maintained by a company of computer professionals. PCG is local, knowledgeable, responsive, and reliable. PCG recently deployed a wireless solution that met our needs of securing our financial data yet giving access to our clients and personal phones.

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