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Companies are relying more and more on wireless solutions for their business. PCG will help you to determine where you need coverage and how many users will need access your wireless Our wireless assessment tool allows PCG to determine where each access point needs to be installed so that you won’t have any dead spots.

Our wireless experts will design, plan and deploy wireless solutions that will give your business the coverage they need. We will set up your private and public wireless networks.

PCG’s Cisco Meraki Solutions give us the ability to manage and troubleshoot your wireless access points.

It’s important to realize that access points will only give you “x” amount of user coverage (density). If you have large groups that need wireless access, you will need to plan on having more access points or a better access point to handle that traffic.

PCG is local, knowledgeable, responsive, and reliable

We appreciate all the help we’ve received from PCG over the years in converting, installing, fixing, and fine-tuning our network. We can now concentrate on the work we do best …knowing our network needs are being monitored and maintained by a company of computer professionals. PCG is local, knowledgeable, responsive, and reliable.

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