Having been ranked 1st out of the seven most popular Anti-virus programs it’s easy to see why PCG has chosen to use ESET as our first and foremost solution for protecting our clients from the dangers of the Internet. ESET boasts a lengthy track record of different awards and recognitions of excellence since its inception in 1992. ESET also separates itself from the pack by being able to detect new viruses and malicious software that have not even been catalogued yet. It does this by looking for program activity that is typical of malicious software.

How ESET and PCG work together to protect our clients

  • Companies that contract PCG will have ESET installed across their whole network. This means everything from tablets running Windows software, to each user’s workstation, all the way up to the server. With malwares capability to infect an entire network on its own, it’s important to have universal coverage and protection.
  • ESET checks all of the connections coming in and out of each computer it is installed on. It is looking for where each connection is going and will block connections that are headed for botnets, networks of infected computers used by hackers with malicious intent.
  • Each time a user attempts to access a website ESET will check that websites address against its database. If the site is known for being untrustworthy, ESET will display a message and prevent the user from going any further.
  • Once PCG has installed ESET on a client network, each computer on that network will begin reporting in to our rapidly growing central console. From within this Central Console a PCG technician is on the lookout for any signs of virus activity on all networks that we manage.
  • When a threat is detected the PCG technician in the ESET console can start an anti-virus scan, stop an active virus, or dispatch a PCG anti-virus expert to the client site to deal with the infection.
  • ESET uses a smaller footprint which improves system performance