Event Tracker/Compliance

Secure Your Network Now

Whether your organization has 25 servers or 2,500, EventTracker Security Center can help by improving log analysis, awareness, detection and incident response across all of your servers, workstations, network devices, locations and teams.

Security Center monitors for anomalies and suspicious network activities and responds with built-in response rules to block or terminate harmful activities. Integrated threat intelligence provides curated data on bad actors, locations, and IP addresses across the globe, and alerts on unknown processes or low reputation endpoints interacting with assets inside the network. Security Center helps reduce false positives with refined internal whitelisting and correlation of unknown processes.

Maintain Confident Compliance

Regulated industries are under greater scrutiny and pressure to protect confidential information and sensitive data. Meeting compliance requirements can be a costly endeavor as time and resources are constrained. Simplify the audit process and reduce audit times by up to 90% using EventTracker Security Center’s built-in compliance monitoring and reporting options. Detailed reports minimize the time and effort to determine potential gaps in compliance requirements and address them efficiently, empowering customers to easily maintain compliance.