PCG Differentiators

Dedicated Engineer

Each premium managed service client will have a dedicated Engineer that will be responsible for your network, documentation, and company communications. This will provide consistency and assist the VCIO with your Technology plan for IT and security.


When was the last time you tested your disaster recovery plan? Do you have a documented plan in place for data management and what is your recovery point objective? PCG can help you plan with data encryption, a redundant ISP, offsite Cloud spin-up capabilities and quarterly testing so your business remains safe and uninterrupted.

CIO Services

The purpose of the CIO/IT Strategy Review is to define your IT assets and create a plan to enable you to reach your organizational goals as a business. PCG’s “deep-dive” discovery into your current technology plan, your challenges, and your goals enable you to improve your IT performance and optimize your budget for future planning. Your dedicated team of Engineers and vCIO will provide you with managing the IT infrastructure of your company, planning for growth and development, short and long-term budget-planning, and a clear roadmap for your future. Analyzing and reworking business processes and facilitating technology changes takes deep understanding and assessment. The closer we align our reporting and projections with your needs and goals, the clearer your technology plan.

Security/Cyber Security Services

Our security risk assessments are thorough and comprehensive, from reviewing your internal/external IT environment to performing a full audit of your compliance and security practices. In-depth vulnerability scans for potential weaknesses and gaps analysis enable PCG to implement appropriate tools and policies for your advanced security. You receive a detailed report that includes a scorecard of your current compliance and security standing, a heat map that shows how you stack up to other businesses of your size and in your industry sector, and a roadmap and budget to guide you through the process of remediating your security risks.

Risk Assessments

Every organization faces Cyber Security risks and vulnerabilities on a daily basis – many completely invisible until you receive a ransom demand or learn that your data is for sale on the dark web. A tailored risk assessment will give you the insights you need to understand the threats you face and how you can overcome them with the right security measures that are relevant to your business. With no limit to how much you can spend on cyber security, and plenty of people ready to sell you stuff you don’t necessarily need, a security risk assessment is an essential tool to help you make the best decisions for your business. PCG provides full, accurate risk assessments and customized recommendations that allow you to direct your security investment to where it’s needed – and where it makes the most sense for your unique requirements and priorities.

24×7 Help Desk Support

Technology challenges are unavoidable in business. PCG’s remote technical support for all your business IT needs is available to you 24/7/365. Rapid response, and real-time technical support is key to maintaining staff productivity and profitability. Our experienced Help Desk professionals provide quality support for you and your employees by phone, chat, and email so all your problems are dealt with efficiently. We work diligently to ensure all your questions are answered live and that you get the support you need. Whether it is through your dedicated SLA helpline, Customer Service Manager, or our skilled technicians and engineers, you’ll never be left unable to work.


Onboarding is one of the most complex and complicated projects there is, but with decades of documentation process and project management, you will receive a seamless transition to your new and improved IT infrastructure.

Project Management

Projects and project management for your business are delivered on-time and within your budget. From PC set-up and network integration to department specifications such as accounting, sales, or CAD, PCG customer satisfaction scores are at 96.7%.

Procurement Services

PCG will handle the procurement of IT hardware, software, and cloud services. We will also be your liaison for other IT-related services and help you get the best possible service and costs for these services (Internet, Phone, Copier, etc.)