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IT Planning and Budgeting

Social Media - What you need to know

Security awareness for your organization

How do you really know what is going on in your network infrastructure

What is ransomware

On boarding your company to an IT service provider

What do IT people like to see in their customers

A customers experience with PCG and why chose PCG?

Wireless everywhere and everything (access points for PCs and Laptops)


Where companies should purchase PCs and Laptops

What to do when nothing is working

Are you on track for your companies IT goals?

Top technology trends of 2019

The focus of tech training for your staff

Automation Tools for IT Management

Business Continuity and Backup

Cyber Security

End User Training

Microsoft Office 365

Microsoft Office 365

Windows 7 and Server 2008 End of Life

Network info structuring for your devices in your network

Monitoring Tools

Going Mobile

Winning Culture with IT

How to Work with your IT Dept

Security Cameras / Access

One Note

Social Media

Microsoft Azure

Why your business needs to start planning to be in Windows 10

Wireless, Controller Based, Coverage, Security

Microsoft Office 365, Email, Office, Encryption, Scammers "Phishing"

Cloud Computing, Cloud as a Service, Backup in the Cloud, Azure

Acceptable Use Policy, Password Policy, Ransomware, Firewall, Web Content and Filtering

Security 201:  Dark Web "Passwords being Compromised", Phishing Business Continuity (Backup and Recovery)

Security 101: Password Policy, AV, Firewall, Email Filtering