Ransomware / Cryptolocker

Cyber Security – Ransomware “Cryptolocker” and Phishing attacks

Event Details:

When: October 22nd
Session Time: 8:15AM – 9:45AM
Where: Portsmouth Country Club

Join PCG and learn about what Ransomware/Cryptolocker is and how your company can minimize these threats that can shut down your business for good.

There has been a major increase of Ransomware attacks in the news lately

  • Learn about how a hacker gains access to a PC or server and then initiates what is called a payload.
  • Once the files are encrypted the virus then sends or alerts a ransom demand for the encryption key. This is why we call it Ransomware
  • There are 5+ daily Ransom attacks happening in the Seacoast area

What are some of the ways these attacks are perpetrated?

  • Understand what are the most popular methods of Phishing scams that tricks the user into revealing their password to a site, device, or web console
  • Learn about having a policy in place about Employees bringing a device from home and connect it to your network
  • Learn about what should be the private and public wireless

What can a company do to minimize their risk and exposure to such attacks?

  • PCG will review the most common risks for your vulnerabilities and get a baseline for you to plan and budget to help minimize these threats and business chaos
  • Learn about the security layers and policies you can add to minimize these risks
  • A tested disaster recovery solution must be in place to recover whole servers at times to solve these breaches
  • These Cyber Criminals are looking for ways to destroy your backup/recovery process so they can get more leverage on their Ransom request
  • Learn about the planning process so when this happens your company can act swiftly to minimize downtime and minimize the financial impact this will have on your business

Ransomware is happening to all kinds of business “big and small”. So be prepared and have a plan when it happens, because it’s just a matter of time until it effects your business.

PCG will go over step by step on what you should do.

Registration and Food/Beverages will start at 7:45AM

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