The technical landscape contains numerous network security threats. New vulnerabilities are discovered and exploited each day, endangering your company's sensitive data. Many threats go unnoticed by business owners, meaning your network may already be at risk. The best way to detect and mitigate these threats is through a security risk assessment.

What Your Report Should Contain

A proper assessment offers an overview of your current network security and the risks that exist. You should be provided with recommendations on how to best attack these threats so you can better protect your data.

It's important to work with experienced security professionals. They have the knowledge and skills needed to address multiple layers of risk to your company’s computer security. Portsmouth Computer Group’s dedicated team is ready to provide your business with an in-depth, no-obligation assessment of your company’s cyber security risk.

The Portsmouth Computer Group Security Report

All clients are provided with a free report following Portsmouth Computer Group’s  security assessment. This report gives an overview of your business’s cyber security threats as well as recommendations for solutions.

What’s Included

What can you expect from your free report?

  • An in-depth overview of the scope and objectives: Your report’s overview includes what the security assessment will examine and the data that it will collect. We provide this information along with a list of objectives determined by you and our technicians.
  • Explanation of all the tools used: Your security assessment offers an explanation of the tools that will be used to gather information and discover vulnerabilities. These tools highlight weak spots but should have no negative effects on your network.
  • Overview of your current environment: The security assessment includes an overview of your network’s current state. This gives you a clear picture of where you may be experiencing security problems that require swift attention.
  • A summary of findings and recommendations: After your assessment is complete, we will provide you with the full report of our findings. This free report will include recommendations on how to resolve any detected security vulnerabilities.

Get Your Free Security Risk Assessment Today

Every business should have comprehensive knowledge of the security needs of its network. This starts with a security assessment, and Portsmouth Computer Group is up to the task. We have developed a robust assessment process designed to provide your business with the information needed for network security.

Our security assessment comes at no cost to your business. While we hope that our professionalism and expertise earns your business, there are no strings attached. Contact our cyber security specialists at PCG today to schedule your assessment so you can stay one step ahead of network vulnerabilities.