Selecting an MSP

Top 27 Questions you should be asking when you are Assessing Managed IT Service Providers.

Not all Managed IT Service Providers are equal.

They vary in expertise such as security, cloud offerings, support levels, depth of technical skills, management and company culture.

Make sure the MSP you hire has a proven track record of client retention and knowledgeable experts to keep your business up and running.

Here are 27 possible questions for assessing a potential MSP:

  • How many years have you been in business?
  • How many employees are on your technical team and what level experience do they have?
  • What is the process for your firms technical training and competency’s
  • What is the average tenure of your employees
  • What is your client retention percentage?

  • What is included in your Managed Service Offerings?
  • What is included in your Managed Security and Cyber-Security Offerings?
  • Do you offer 24X7 Help Desk Support?
  • What is your normal response time for a help desk ticket request
  • What is your actual response time to mitigate critical network/client issues?
  • Do you offer onsite support as part of your agreement?
  • Will we get a dedicated engineer for our account?
  • How many Managed Clients do you have?
  • What differentiates your business from other MSPs?
  • What is your Blueprint to success for onboarding a new client?
  • Do you have a standard new Employee/PC setup blueprint in place?
  • How will you help our company with our IT Strategy, Budget, and Roadmap?
  • What is the primary value you can bring to our business?
  • What is your “DR” disaster recovery process and how will that impact to our business?
  • What solutions do you offer that can guarantee our Recovery Time and Point objectives for our data?
  • Do you offer Risk Assessments that will help with our compliance and governance requirements?
  • How do you assess and document each client’s environment for management purposes?
  • Do you offer a dedicated client success manager and what odes this process look like for our company?
  • Are you a Microsoft Gold or Silver partner?
  • Do you have expertise in Microsoft 365 (SharePoint, Teams, One Drive, Security)
  • Do you offer Microsoft Training to help our users be more efficient, productive, and aware of Cyber-security events
  • Are you MS Azure expert and have experience migrating clients to the cloud

With PCG, you will have a true partner that will listen, deliver on what we say we can do, and meet and exceed your expectations of a Managed Service Provider “MSP”. IT is complex and our team will bring all the pieces together so your Team can work on it business and clients. We don’t want you spend $1 dollar without knowing what it means and the VALUE to your business.