Security Camera Surveillance Installs

Your business faces a lot of threats, and you need to be vigilant against them all. Security camera surveillance helps you secure your commercial space, while also giving you enhanced peace of mind.

Cameras let you check in on your business when you’re not there. They help you track who’s coming and going through your building or parking lot. Ultimately, they allow you to sleep better at night because you know your business is more secure.

At PCG IT, we offer a wide range of IT and security services for our clients including security cameras. Want to talk about improving your security? Then, contact us today.

Protecting Your Business with Security Camera Surveillance

Security cameras allow you to monitor outside threats such as theft and vandalism. With surveillance cameras, you can record video evidence of crimes, and then, you can leverage that information to spot vulnerabilities in your existing security.

Cameras can also protect you from property loss and theft from insiders. They deter employee theft and help with workflow monitoring. In retail environments, they can keep an eye on potential criminals, which gives your employees the chance to focus more on customer service. They can also provide important footage when you’re facing a lawsuit or dealing with harassment claims between employees.

Security cameras create a safer workplace for you and your employees. In a lot of cases, they can also help to reduce insurance costs.

Types of Security Surveillance Cameras for Businesses

There is a wide range of surveillance cameras including wired, wireless, indoor, outdoor, 4K, and analog. Some offer wide range of static views, while others can pan, tilt, or zoom in. Some cameras just record what’s happening in front of them, but others are programmed to pick up specifics like every license plate that comes into your parking lot.

There are also a host of varied accessories like power adaptors, doorbell integrations, and battery packs. You can have cameras that cast to CCTVs or apps on your phone. You can record everything or just keep the footage for a limited time. And this is just the beginning of the possibilities.

The abundance of options means that it’s possible to find exactly what you need — but it can feel like looking for a needle in a haystack. When you work with PCG IT, we make the selection process easy. We help you find and assess the best security cameras so that you get exactly what you need.

Surveillance Advice Customized for Your Business

Your business has unique concerns, risks, and security goals. And we understand that.

At PCG, we’re not in the business of selling security systems. We’re in the business of providing our clients with the highest level of security for their needs. To do that, we get to know your security risks and your safety goals. Then, we customize a security set-up that addresses your unique concerns and works with your budget.

Network Integration with Security Cameras

We also integrate your security surveillance system with your IT network. Working with IT pros helps to ensure that you don’t face any tech issues that compromise the functionality of your cameras.

With network integration, you can ensure that only authorized people can access the camera footage. Then, you can allow them to watch the cameras through their PC monitors, laptops, or phones. You can also eliminate cyber risks such as hacking, improve up-time, and tap into network monitoring as desired.

Upgrading Your Security Cameras

Need to upgrade your current security camera system? We can help you assess the pros and cons of your current system, look for vulnerabilities, and map out an upgrade that works with your budget.

For instance, to create more clarity in their videos, many business owners want to upgrade from analog security cameras to IP cameras. This requires new equipment as well as replacing old coax and power cables with Wi-Fi-enabled solutions or Cat5E/Cat6 cables with power-over-ethernet (POE). This is just a basic example. When we talk with you, we’ll chat about what’s right for your company.

Why Choose PCG IT?

At PCG IT, our clients’ needs drive our actions and recommendations. We work to protect your business and your assets. As an IT company, we also bring extra tech-savvy to the table that can enhance your installation even more.

For example, our technicians know exactly what your network needs to support your security cameras. We’ll let you know if your current network can support Wi-Fi-based security solutions or if wired is better for your environment. We’ll design cabling systems that are discrete and well-organized. We’ll ensure that your servers can handle the new cameras or guide you toward cloud-based solutions if that’s better for you.

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We have extensive experience working with a wide range of companies in many different industries including healthcare, manufacturing, office, retail, legal, and more. When you contact us, we will start with a conversation about your unique needs, and then, we’ll get you the best security cameras for your business.