vCIO Services

We have developed our vCIO blueprint and process over the past 25 years and have a proven formula to bring your leadership team together for this important and innovative vCIO meeting to develop your Technology Plan roadmap and budget. We will review your current issues, business pain points, and employees and then prioritize these goals and timelines to add to the roadmap. Prior to this meeting, our team is constantly reviewing the services in place, feedback from your team, and running our Net admin process ahead of time to give us the needed information to bring to your team.

The Net Admin process is where your lead engineer thoroughly reviews your network. (Think of this like getting your medical physical). We review all the key sections of your Technology (Network, Security, Licensing, Cloud, Backup, Users, Systems, etc.) and collect the needed information to bring compelling insight and questions to the vCIO meeting information. Each year w update your vCIO document to bring in the last 2 years of issues, and accomplishments and continuously update this to help your business drive technology to help with your bottom line.

This meeting is your time to let us know what is right, missing, or confusing with your technology or services and how we can make improvements on this. This is also your chance to tell us some of the things your team might be struggling with and is our opportunity to show you how technology can help. This could be more training, hand-holding, or having a detailed discussion about a particular topic or technology and how this can help your business. PCG relies on its technology partners and the more we know from your team the better we can consult, advise and give the proper recommendations

Our vCIO process is designed to help all of us to be on the same page and work as a team to keep your business running as efficiently and successfully as possible. PCG takes this process to heart and we have a dedicated team that makes sure we follow the process, collect the needed information, and that we are prepared to have this yearly meeting make a difference. We need your time and investment to always be getting your input, and insight and help us drive this Technology plan and roadmap.

This is your meeting and we want your team engaged and ready to contribute because this is where the real value and results come into play. We provide after-meeting feedback and will update the master vCIO blueprint. We will create opportunities from the action items that met our critical list to address and will follow up with your team for a time frame to implement. We also send a post-meeting CSAT “Client Satisfaction Survey to get your feedback. We want to make these meetings the best possible and your feedback is critical so we can always give you the best possible insight and respect for your time.

The vCIO/IT Strategy Review aims to define your IT assets and create a plan to enable you to reach your organizational goals as a business. PCG’s “deep-dive” discovery into your current technology plan, challenges, issues, and goals enables you to improve your IT performance and optimize your budget for future planning. Your dedicated team of Engineers and vCIO will provide you with managing the IT infrastructure of your company, planning for growth and development, short and long-term budget planning, and a clear roadmap for your future.

Analyzing and reworking business processes and facilitating technology changes takes a deep understanding and assessment of your business. The closer we align our reporting and projections with your needs and goals, the clearer your technology plan, road map, and projected budget will be in alignment

PCG prides itself on being creative, and process driven to give your company a different approach to how you will engage with the planning of your Technology and Security. We like to know who we’re working with, and in turn, we like to show our clients what we’re doing for them. Our vCIO program begins as soon as you sign on with PCG as a Premium Client. We begin gathering the needed information, understanding your business, culture, people, and processes, and prioritizing the action items to discuss.

We are mostly concerned with what makes your company tick and then see how Technology, Security, Training, and Processes can help. We want to know and understand how we can help your business be more productive, reliable, and secure and keep the levers moving you forward to generate a profit. We are constantly reviewing your network infrastructure, Security, backup, and systems, ensuring everything is in order, but we really want to talk like true business partners and see what else we can do to help your company improve its bottom line with Technology.

Depending on the size of your business size, the complexity of your network, and security, this could be a yearly or a bi-annually meeting. PCG values every client relationship we truly love these vCIO engagements as we both will learn and be better from these strategic meetings. A true Business partnership is critical and important that both sides are engaged, contribute and challenge each other to be better. To learn more, call the PCG team and speak with one of our vCIO advisors and see why this service is a true differentiator and why this is one of the biggest Values from our service delivery that we bring to your business.

Proven vCIO Blueprint

  • Net Admin Process
    • Dedicated Engineer to collect the needed information
  • Client Success Manager process
    • Monthly and Quarterly calls to update the vCIO process (Issues list)
  • 4 Helpful Question Review
    • What’s Right
    • What’s Wrong
    • What’s Missing
    • What’s Confusing
  • vCIO meeting
    • Level 10 meeting with your leadership team
    • Engaged, Challenge each other
    • Drive Technology to improve the bottom line
  • Update Documentation and next steps
    • Technology Plan
    • Roadmap
    • Timeframe
    • Budget
  • CSAT (Client Satisfaction review)
  • Update documentation and schedule next vCIO meeting