Wiring/Fiber Services

Companies are relying more and more on technology and it is imperative to have the right wiring backbone and infrastructure for all your endpoints to get on the network and online.

PCG has been offering Wiring and Cabling services for over 25 years. Our certified wiring experts are experienced, knowledge and only follow best practices.

It all starts with a wiring assessment. Once we know your desired goals, we will develop a plan and budget to get all the needed equipment wired and on your network.

All of our work starts from the network wiring room. We will determine what is needed for your rack, patch panels and cables. Each office has its own desired look and will help provide the best possible colors for your wall plates and inserts.

Whether you are having a new site and construction or adding to your existing network, PCG offers the best value and best in class services for all your wiring requirements.

We also provide Fiber Services to connect buildings or areas of your building that are over 330 feet. If you need Coax for your TV, we provide these services as well.

For your next wiring and cabling project, call PCG at 603-431-4121 and speak with one of our wiring experts. PCG is your partner for the best Value in wiring and cabling services. Our work is top notch and you will be proud of your network wiring room.

PCG, the best value in Wiring Services for your business Voice and Data requirements